Arise Lord Terry Wogan – further welfare reform bull

Would you pay 22p a week to keep 200,000 children out of poverty in the UK?

Clearly 76% of Joe Public wouldn’t given they believe the propaganda this government put out before yesterdays welfare reform bill debate in the House of Lords.

22p per week I hear you say?

In October 2011 Grant Shapps the housing minister put out a barbed tweet at John Prescott the former Deputy Prime Minister in which he said that the failure of Prescott’s Fire Brigade plan cost £496m and meant every UK taxpayer was paying £20 extra per year in tax for this.  Work out the maths and we arrive at it costs the UK taxpayer £1per year for every £25m of government spend.

Yesterday the government claimed the savings from all these ‘workless benefit scroungers’ who ‘all get more in benefits than the average wage’ and other meaningless an errant statements will save £290m to the welfare benefits bill.  (This is £192bn and so the saving is just 0.15% by the way!)  £290m equates to 22p per week in tax or £11.60 per year.

The government also admitted that it would affect 67000 families that comprised 94000 adults and 200,000+ children who would lose an average of £83pw. There is no doubt whatsoever that taking £83pw out of each family budget will force children in the UK into poverty.

Simple message for Joe Public – next time you sit in a bath of beans or dress up as vicars and tarts (or is that Bishops and tarts?) or abseil down a building for Children in Need or just simply give £25 to it remember that £25 will keep 200,000 disadvantaged UK children out of poverty for 2 years!

Terry Wogan as a Labour Lord anyone?

Note to Joe Public – The longer and more detailed version of why this is caused by the excesses of private landlord rents is covered here ( )but of course you clearly dont want to read or believe that.