Singalonga Shapps

I see Grant Shapps, consummate politician that he is, has finally lost the plot and I don’t mean CPRE have blocked even more housebuilding.  In an article on Inside Housing today he has resurfaced the madness of tenants doing some of their own repairs, the tenant cashback scheme.  The article opens with “Housing minister Grant Shapps has said that plans to allow social housing tenants to carry out their own repairs are like apprenticeships in the home.”

Apprenticeships in the home?  Just where would we be without a snappy little comment in a Shapps announcement?  An apprenticeship to become a real apprentice in the workplace and qualify for the massive national minimum wage for an apprentice of any age which as we know stands at £2.60 per hour.   Yes let’s get all those lazy 50 year olds on benefit working at £2.60 per hour!  Then they become aspirational citizens don’t you know!!

Of course this is not the first delusion to come from the epitome of a consummate politician as the amusing piece from Rentergirl last summer discusses his plans for us all to live in boats.

Now there’s a thought tenants on houseboats doing their own repairs!! Yes we all thought that idea meant he’d had too much sun.  Perhaps while majestically sailing the great inland waterways of Welwyn Hatfield (eh!) or maybe while doing his bungee jump – sorry reader despite a quick trawl I had trouble finding any other source than Shapps own website for this …. But hang on a minute that’s it. Well in Hatfield.

You can just picture Shapps hat on, standing in a middle of a field, press surrounding him as he spins his latest yarn about ‘affordable’ homes will be on the site soon and then he breaks into song…

“I could wile away the hours,

Conferrin’ with the flowers,

Consultin’ with the rain.

And my head I’d be scratchin’

While my thoughts were busy hatchin’

If I only had a brain!”

Next time he sees Theresa May in a pair of red shoes….


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