Some sheet facts about affordable rent in Shapps constutuency

Guinness South, part of the Guinness Partnership which has 60,000 or so social rented properties under management has released a factsheet about affordable rent.  Given my repeated attacks on the misnomer that is affordable rent or AR which shows it will cost billions more in HB every year I took a look at this purported sheet of fact

It has a table in it which uses a 2 bed apartment in Welwyn Garden City (coincidentally the constituency of Grant Shapps the Housing Minister) by way of explanation.

It’s says a social rent is typically £105.32 an affordable rent £123.69 and a market rent is £155.00 pw.  These figures are utter tosh and market rent is not £155 in WGC for a 2 bed apartment it’s far higher.  Have a look on for example and you see a range of prices from £725pcm (£167pw) to £925pcm or £213.50 pw.

Or take a look at LHA direct and you see that government will pay up to £230.77pw in LHA for such a property. Or is that just a coincidental fact that sees private landlords in the Housing Minister’s constituency able to claim 48% more to the HB bill (£230pw) than the alleged typical rent of £155pw?  No wonder Shapps has a highly skewed view of the PRS!!!

Or even read higher up on the Guinness factsheet which says social rent is “Set according to a Government formula, – typically at less than two fifths (40%) of market rent levels (although higher in some areas)” which extrapolates means their £105.32 gives a market rent of £263pw in WGC.

So this factsheet that contains so many errors of fact as to market rent (and just being pedantic here but AR is up to 80% of gross market rent which includes service charges) is there any coincidence in the fact they use the constituency of the Housing Minister Grant Shapps to explain (errantly) AR?

Or is it being used at WGC has the lowest percentage of private tenants claiming HB in the country at just 12% compared to the 32% national average? Yes that’s a coincidence for the Housing Minister too isn’t it?

I can’t for the life of me figure out why or how Guinness Partnership have produced this highly errant sheet of fact, never mind want to publicize this on twitter and other social media sites?


2 thoughts on “Some sheet facts about affordable rent in Shapps constutuency

  1. The Guinness South Affordable Rents factsheet is just that, based on the facts specific to Guinness South Affordable Rents. The information within the factsheet is based on the Affordable Rents tenancies we have already created.

    The Market Rent figures used within the factsheet were taken from the certified RICS surveyor’s valuation report for the actual property used in the example.

    Whilst we understand that property websites will have properties ranging in price, the facts and figures used within the factsheet are based on properties owned and managed by Guinness South and actual certified valuations. The example used aims to give people an easier understanding of the difference in cost, based on their differing tenancy options – an illustration that some of our residents requested.

    Guinness South is proud to have already completed a number of Affordable Rents tenancies, with many more in the pipeline. Our first Affordable Rent property was, quite by coincidence in Welwyn Garden City. This property and the many others we are working on, offer people with a housing need the chance of good quality, affordable housing. In these instances we are helping people with differing needs to improve their housing circumstances.

    These factsheets are designed to help our residents, and others looking at affordable housing options, decide if Affordable Rent tenancies are suitable for them. The factsheet is designed to be a simple, user friendly guide, rather than an in depth evaluation of Affordable Rents.

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