What you read in March

January views to my blogs saw 2020 views a 40% increase on December. It was the first time I had started looking at what you, kind reader (grovel, grovel) are all looking at and I produced the top ten posts. February was even busier with a 60% increase with 3240 recorded.

March saw 4642 views of my blogs a further 43% increase.

The shared accommodation rate or SAR issue saw 2015 views alone from six 6 blog posts on various aspects of the, as yet to be clarified, issue of whether it will apply via the backdoor of the bedroom tax.

The bedroom tax or underoccupation HB reform tends to focus minds right across the sector given its impact and one very good and informed source on how this will be implemented and other HB and welfare reforms is Ian Savigar.   If you dont follow him you should. One of his tweets today was very interesting (and was confirmed shortly afterwards by the National Housing Federation):

Ian Savigar‏@Bigsavi

DWP confirm 2 me that under occ regs by June. guidance on No’s unlikely as they have no data! LAs will have 2 engage claimants affected!

How can this or any government rely on an impact assessment on the bedroom tax or project any semblance of an accurate figure on the savings from the bedroom tax if they don’t have the bloody data!! 

Unfortunately it’s all too typical of the coalition who releases policy by ideological spin and only looks at the consequences after it has become statute.  I think dear reader we will be hearing a lot more about the bedroom tax and other WRB issues in the very near future. My blog entitled Kafka on LSD couldn’t have imagined the UC nightmare is very much in that vein as it details the farcical and unworkable processes of Universal Credit in the interim period until the housing payment element that replaces Housing Benefit comes fully integrated, which we are told will be in 2017 – a 4 year nightmare!!

The curiously titled blog “107% of new tenants on HB are working” simply states the official HB statistics under this coalition and was released on 30th March in response to the BSHF report released that day which errantly has got up the noses of the DWP

Once again a big thank you to all those who read or retweeted my blogs, it is much appreciated.  A special thank you to the 319 emails I have received directly from right across the sector on the SAR issue with many stating that I can put my head above the parapet and say what you would like to but can’t.  I am very fortunate in that respect.

Table below

March 2012 Speye Blog views

Will SAR apply to social tenants – Yes it seems!

Will it or   wont it?


SAR Wars? Why we must assume it will apply to social housing

More on   what the guidance documents say


107% of new tenants on HB are working – You what?

Clarifies   and details that increasing number of working tenants need to claim HB


Kafka on LSD couldnt have imagined the UC nightmare

Universal   Credit 2013 – 2017 – a real nightmare!


SAR – An open letter to Grant Shapps

A backdoor   way of getting an answer on an unintended consequence?


SAR – is the social housing sector appeasing the DWP?

SAR – nah don’t   worry it can’t mean that – Can it?


SAR will destroy hostels and refuges

The real   supported housing consequences – death of emergency accommodation?


Some sheet facts about affordable rent in Shapps constutuency

Interesting   and curious facts about HB in the Housing Ministers constituency (and   a spelling mistake in the title to boot!)


Singalonga Shapps

Don’t read   as you won’t get the song out of your head. I warned you!


The Great Affordable Rent Con

Plenty of factual   detail on why AR can’t work and the horrendous public purse cost



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