Hurrah, hurrah – lets ban under 25s from HB!

When Johnny comes marching home again hurrah, hurrah. Perhaps the song is most remembered in the Clash version, the English Civil War. Yet it is a great deal older than that and has its origins in the American Civil War. The sentiment of the song is still here today as it always will be – hoping our brave soldiers return home and how grateful we are as a people and a nation for their service.

Yet I see the government is discussing banning the under-25s from receiving Housing Benefit so lets look at how we treat our returning heroes!

I wrote about this last week and commented that it would mean the end of single homeless hostels and of domestic violence refuges – sorry Miss Jones you can’t be suffering domestic violence you are only 23 go away and come back in a few years! It was and has to be kite-flying by this coalition who actively fosters the image of heartless bastards when in reality they are really incompetent ones.

Yet an article in Inside Housing today seems to go further than the vague announcements we had a week or so ago and says:

“A Number 10 spokesperson confirmed the Downing Street policy unit is examining a proposal to withdraw the right of unemployed people under 25 years of age to claim benefit to cover their housing costs”

The article goes on to quote both the CIH and National Housing Federation responses to this. My response is it is still kite-flying and unbelievable incompetence and adds to the hostel and DV refuge issue with Johnny coming marching home.

Imagine the scene at Royal Wooton Bassett – Johnny returns home to a rapturous and deserved welcome from a grateful nation, bunting strewn everywhere, though not sure whether he likes the choir, but hey ho having served in Afghanistan and Iraq he’s done his bit a 6-year stint straight from school and now 22 years of age, having seen so many unspeakable horrors, remembering many colleagues that won’t ever come home – the ultimate sacrifice – and looking forward to post army life in civvy street.

I’ll get my own place and rebuild my life he thinks and after all I’m a hero and my country says so.

Shouldn’t be much of a transition Johnny thinks after all my grateful government is making those incompetent bastards in local councils give priority in allocation to us brave soldiers. What a rude awakening for Johnny when he tries to get a flat!

Sorry sir you don’t qualify for Housing Benefit for another three years. I do appreciate your sacrifice and you are a hero sir, but even 6 years fighting for your country, paying your taxes while you did isn’t enough to qualify for Housing Benefit!

How nice that this coalition’s policy is to call Johnny feckless indolent and workshy.

Soldier; get a job you unworthy lazy bastard!

Anyone still think this kite flying proposal will ever see the light of day?

UPDATE Saturday 23rd June

Apparently this heap of bollocks has resurfaced.  Just watched Spain v France and switched over and Sky News runnign the story with a pic of front page of Mail.  Go there (Mail Online) and no sight of story. Back to twitter and a link takes me to the Telegraph.  So the Mail has pinched the usual kite-flying story from the Telegraph something Sky seems unaware of – sloppy, sloppy journalism and as you can see above in my comments on this RESURFACED story it just aint gonna happen folks!!


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