Right to Buy – Who is Blackadder?

Grant Shapps is in the Telegraph today saying he wants 2,500,000 more RTB2 sales at up to £75k discount – thats a government giveaway of up to £187.5bn – What a nice man he is!!

He is even promoting this on Twitter I see:

Grant Shapps MP@grantshapps

How more families will benefit from Right To Buy – thanks to “social proof” provided by friends & family > http://ow.ly/1Og3AD

The article says “He is planning to use the same techniques for a new right-to-buy   scheme, enabling as many as 2.5 million people to buy their council houses   at a discount of up to £75,000”

I’ve seen some electoral bribes in my time but £187.5bn Minister!

Back in October 2011 it was 200,000 new RTB2 sales which Shapps hastily revised to 100,000 and now its 2.5 million.

What was that you said about Affordable Rent Minister – Oh yes it was a rough and ready programme?

“When we got into government we realised we had to sort out this deficit so (Affordable Rent) was a pretty rough and ready exercise in all honesty”

Wow I really do admire your honesty that you now want 2,500,000 council house sales under RTB2 to be replaced by 2,500,000 affordable (sic) rent alternatives which are 68% more expensive for the tenant and for the HB bill seeing as though you say AR levels are nationally 75% of the £160pw average market rent (ie £120pw) and average council house rent is now £71.82 according to the DWP HB statistics – only a mere 67% increase then!

Thats only an increase of £6.285 billion per year to the HB bill

Rough and ready – nudge, nudge, wink, wink!!

UPDATE Friday 13th July

I quickly drafted the above sarcasm yesterday and it was literally no more than 5 minutes to expose the level of Shapps’ smugness and publicity and attention seeking but it deserves far more reasoned comment.

Of course not all 2.5m RTB sales would attract a £75k discount leading to a £187bn giveaway but thats just a practical point that exposes RTB and the paucity of thinking that underpins it.  £187bn is about one full years total welfare and housing benefit and pensions payments.  Think on that for a minute and you get my point.  In theory at least this government is willing to give away an amount of money equivalent to the sum of all welfare benefits and housing benefit and pensions to the same council tenants it now describes as (a) privileged and (b) scrounging indolent workshy feckless scum!

Unless of course they have the money to afford RTB which at the same time makes them aspiring citizens if they choose to take up RTB bung and also scrounging scum who should pay more to stay and are denying more worthy and needy people from having social housing and yes by that they mean more scrounging indolent workshy feckless scum from having the privilege of being labelled that!

Shapps sees no contradiction here or the blatant duplicity and hypocrisy of the RTB policy in its correct context.  £187bn is one hell of an electoral bribe and especially from a government who cry austerity and deficit reduction at every turn yet are prepared to throw £187bn at a piece of political dogma.

But its not just the one-off bung is it.  Even if the RTB sales are replaced on a one-for-one basis we will see the HB bill increase by over £6bn per year to pay for that.  Thats a 26% increase on the current near £23bn HB bill – yes the same one the coalition promised to reduce from £20bn to £18bn and is now £5bn already above that target!

So carry on with this wish and we see 2.5m more ‘affordable’ (sic) rent housing units out there that are populated by new privileged scrounging indolent workshy feckless scum that now cost the state £6bn more per year than the previous privileged indolent workshy feckless scum who take the RTB bung and cant afford to work as the level of their rent is too prohibitive to make work pay.

We have 5m on the waiting lists so the new 2.5m privileged blah blah scum are only half of the problem solved. (At a cost so far of £187bn plus £6bn per year.)  The other 2.5m not given the ‘privilege’ of an ‘affordable (sic) rent’ property are going to be even more indignant arent they?  The 2.5m lucky privileged ….scum are also not going to be best pleased either when they realise they are paying about 60% more in rent than their neighbours in ‘ordinary’ social housing (they are the new really privileged feckless bastards in housing association accommodation which doesnt have RTB and the RTA that could apply there isnt available in the affordable (sic) rent programme.)

Now that Shapps has got rid of the really feckless bastard scum in council housing through RTB he has transferred the blame game onto the new feckless indloent workshy bastards who have a housing association tenancy.  But Shapps says these housing associations recieve public monies through social grant yet have massive surpluses and they are ripping off the public purse!!

[Note: Shapps is such a consummate politician he will deflect any charge that this is the rationale and modus operandi of the private rented sector by saying they have to charge more as they are not subsidised!]

So the next great plan is to remove all social grant or subsidy to Housing Associations, which has already been mooted in one of many kite-flying proposals this colaition is fond of.  The public are behind this and no doubt spurred on by (a) the original feckless workshy bastard scum who took the RTB bung and are now aspiring citzens; and (b) by the new feckless workshy bastard scum who replaced them in ‘affordable’ housing who now want to exercise their right to RTB (another bung?) ; and (c) the HA tenant who is deniedd RTB and has limited RTA rights; and (d) the 2.5m who are languishing in the private rented sector paying 60% more than the HA tenant yet have no rights to buy or even acquire – all of whom stating this is unfair and in Shapps theory they would be correct to say they are being discriminated against.

So even the initial £187bn of taxpayer national assets that Shapps et all are prepared to give away as a bung will not be sufficient to hold onto the electorate they bought with this initially proving there’s nothing so feckless as a voter!

Nudge Nudge Wink Wink – nah!  RTB doesnt get to the level of Monty Python at all: A whitehall farce perhaps starring Brian Rix maybe with IDS playing the vicar possibly given his avowed Christian views though plenty of foundation on his pate to cover up his MPB (male patterned baldness not must pay benefits obviously!)  Perhaps Louise Mensch as the tart to the vicar, though with all that white powder on IDS’s head perhaps not!  Shapps wouldnt be in it of course hes far too clever for that and probably would be directing it … well if you can ‘announce’ that government policy is to giveaway £187bn he has all the attributes of a director pulling the strings doesn’t he?  Though that still leaves the central acting role of the hapless buffoon who is believable to an audience!  Plenty of hapless buffoons in the coalition but credulous as well…come on!!

Though as Shapps has admitted that affordable rent was a ‘rough and ready’ policy (Poltical speak for bag of a fag packet thinking) and managed to fool the social landlord into agreeing to (not hard really) and pulled the wool over the bankers and financiers eyes on the risk too far that is AR (far far easier) then perhaps he knows he can wing it?

In summary though, you do have to take your hat off to Shapps.  He has managed to make government policy out of the cunning plans of Baldrick and not just get them heard but implemented!  That really is an achievement and all without a slug on his top lip too! Yes of course he’s close to Cameron but not up his backside.  And yes there’s plenty of coalition candidates to play Melchett and of course Clegg is Darling but who is Blackadder?



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