UK households 2001 – 2011 – the rise of the PRS

A few are getting excited in the media today with the first release of the 2011 census data due this morning.

It is expected to show a 3 million increase in population seemingly, so expect the usual let’s ban the immigrant / we are a small island etc comments to proliferate.  Some one has just asked where are these 3m housed? Thats simple and the English Housing Survey released last week tells us that already.

Owner occupation remained much the same with an increase of 9100 households (a rise of 6 per cent.)

The social rented sector (SRS) saw a fall of 157,000 households (a fall of 4 per cent)

The private rented sector (PRS) saw an increase of 1,556,000 households from 2,061,000 to 3,617,000 households – and increase of 75 per cent!!

So later today when you read immigrants get all the council housing etc…. you know where they reside!

Source EHS – Figure 1.1: Trends in tenure, 1981 to 2010-11


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