HB bill rises by £21m per day in April

The latest Housing Benefit figures have been released today for April 2012 and show:

  • An increase of £20,803,606.86 PER DAY during April 2012.
  • The overall total spend on Housing Benefit in April 2012 increased to £ 23,398,757,267 (£23.4bn) from £22,774,649, 061 (£22.8bn) in March a rise of £624,108,206 (£624 million)
  • Regular readers will know this coalition inherited a £20.8bn HB bill and promised its reforms would reduce it by £2bn, to circa £18.8bn, by 2015.  It is now £4.6bn above that target.
  • The claimant count has actually fallen by 1,950 to 5.013m (table 4) and despite another rise in PRS claimants of 1,070 while social housing claimants fell by over 3,000.

Working Claimants (see table 6)

  • Interesting to note is that working claimants rose by 8,160 this month which means a higher percentage of HB claimants are in employment.
  • The number of working claimants of HB has risen every month for the past 40 months – so much for HB being an out-of-work benefit!
  • The number of working claimants has more than doubled since November 2008 when the records begin from 430,130 to 891,050.
  • It has risen 240,000 in the past 24 months alone so 10,000 new working families are claiming HB every month since the election.

Table 7 reveals the working tenant receives on average £89.18pw in HB.  Table 5 reveals the average HB payment to all claimants is £89.46. This means the working family receives 99.7% of the rent in HB revealing the staggeringly low level of Britain’s low-pay economy that sees full rent being paid despite being in receipt of a working wage

For those who prefer to see this graphically below is a chart that represents the percentage of working tenants claiming HB of the overall claimant count since November 2008.  Anyone notice a trend!!

Figure 1: Working Tenants Claiming Housing Benefit (Nov 2008 to date)


And for those that would like a graphical represntation of the overall HB bill since the election Ive included that for you too below.  Again, anyone notice a trend?

Figure 2 – The Overall HB Bill since May 2010







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