CORE blimey

The COntinuous REcording (CORE) statistics for 2011/12 have just been released on the CLG website and make interesting reading

Did you know?

(a) Average social rent is £76 per week or £329 per calendar month?

(b) Average HA rent is £81 per week and £351 per month

(c) Average ‘affordable rent’ is £110 per week and £477 per month

(d) Average market rent is £163 per week and £706 per month

(e) 20.88% of social housing tenants are unemployed

(f) 29.48% of social housing tenants are EMPLOYED! – So there are 3 employed social housing tenants to every 2 unemployed!!

(g) 94% of social housing tenants are UK Nationals

(h) Only 35% of  ‘affordable rent’ tenancies are new build – 65% are not!

(i) Shapps ‘affordable rent’ panacea has seen just 1592 of his planned 170,000 units built (0.93% of his target and so 99.07% to go!!)

The cost figures (a) through (d) above make startling reading as they reveal :

market rent is 114% higher than social rent;

market rent is 101% higher than housing association rent;

‘affordable (sic) rent’ is an increase of 45% to social rent level;

Yet despite this Inside Housing chooses to run the headline that ‘affordable rent’ is 68% of market rent? IH chooses to focus on this  rather than any of the above (a) through (i) facts that emerge out of the CORE data? I could have added that as ‘affordable rent’ is a social housing odel and gets 100% of HB paid it receives more taxpayer monies at £110pw than the average private tenancy which receives £107pw in HB/LHA – something I first predicted in September 2011.  And this is only on 68% of market rent when AR can go up to 80%!!

Points (e) and (f) will surprise – there are 50% more employed social tenants than unemployed social tenants.  And there was me thinking all social tenants were workshy / workless / feckless / indolent / freeloading scroungers (delete as applicable) – Oh I see that’s just what the Coalition wants Joe Public to believe…ah I get it now!!

Point (g) – OMG!!  And there was me believing that Johnny Foreigner gets ALL the social housing!!  Bugger! now we cant blame them for the chronic housing shortage as only 0.8% of all housing in the UK is social housing given to Johnny Foreigner!

A hearty round of applause to Anderson, Grimm, Grimm & Shapps for their widespread dissembling of all previous housing ‘facts’


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