Hey squaddie you earn too much for social housing in Tory Hammersmith

I really should have titled this soldiers fire blanks in Hammersmith

Flagship Tory Hammersmith & Fulham council are going to debate next week banning couples from the housing waiting list if they earn over £40,200 gross.  So proclaims the Daily Telegraph and with support from new housing minister Mark Prisk who says in the article that: –

“They are using the new local powers to cut waiting lists and giving greater priority to the Armed Forces, local residents and foster carers.”

Really Minister?  You really should do your homework!!

Take a Lance Corporal receiving £24,230 pa and less than the average wage and his wife is a private in the army on £22,358.  Oh dear combined income £46,588 and above the £40,200 limit – they can only access private rented housing – and don’t worry I will come on to that below!!

But for now lets say the Lance Corporal on £24,230 (net pay £1580.37 pcm for putting his life on the line) has a partner who works on the London Living Wage of £8.30 per hour or £17,323 with a take home pay of £1.188.97 pcm)

Between them their gross salaries amount to £41,553 and too much in your view and H&F’s view to be allocated social housing.  These privileged workers should have to move into private rented housing.

The net income of the two salaries per calendar month is £1580.37 and £1188.97 making £2,769.34.  Two weeks ago the VOA official survey of almost 500,000 private rent levels across England broken down by constituency and by number of bedrooms gave details of rent levels (excluding service charges) in H&F.  They average:

  • Studio – £934 or 34% of their net wages
  • 1 bed – £1229 or 44% of their net wages
  • 2 bed – £1692 or 61% of their net wages
  • 3 bed – £2,374 or 86% of their net wages
  • 4 bed – £3,934 or 142% of their net wages

Minister Prisk and Andrew Johnson of H&F I think it is time to buy more shares in Durex as your policies don’t allow soldiers to have any children.  How are they going to reproduce the next generation of cannon fodder for the country? A 2 bed property in the private rented sector in Hammersmith and Fulham for them and 1 child would take up 61% of their net income!!  Cue – wife gives up work and is trapped in social housing.  Cue – only way for a squaddie to have kids is to have a feckless lazy scrounging wife Minister!!!

Of course the £40,200 cut-off figure is ridiculous and it yet another harebrained scheme created to have a go at social housing tenants.  An overt and repeated message from this back of a fag packet policy Tory spin machine.  I could also have said that the salary of a staff sergeant at £40,459 pa with a dutiful stay at home army housewife couldn’t even afford the average studio flat in H&F as it goes above the standard definition of affordability at 33% of net income.

The lengths some right-wing buffoons will go to gain self-punlicity and climb the greasy political pole shafting the squaddie born and raised in Hammersmith & Fulham is despicable.  Andrew Johnson and Mark Prisk hang your heads in shame!

Reader next time you hear any Tory talking of returning heroes or how grateful they are to the men in khaki who put their lives on the line, or in the next day or so when the news tells us of yet another UK soldier killed in Afghanistan remember, this government is denying them the right to have children and a roof over their head!

QUICK UPDATE – Wednesday 3rd October 2012

  • The average private rent for a 3 bed property in Hammersmith & Fulham is £548.27 per week.
  • The accepted ‘affordable’ percentage of income to spent on housing cost (rent or mortgage) is 33% of net income
  • A Cabinet Minister has a gross salary of £134,565 which gives a net weekly income of £1582.35.
  • 33% of £1582.35 is £527.45
  • Therefore a Cabinet Minister cannot afford a 3 bed property in Hammersmith & Fulham! 

Good news is the Prime Minister on a salary of £142,500 pa or a net weekly income of £1672.88 can just about afford a 3 bed private rent in Hammeramith & Fulham as 33% of his net income is £557.63 – so the average  3 bed private rental is a mere 32.77% of his net salary

The bad news is if he wants to afford a 4 bed property in Hammersmith & Fulham he would need to earn another £110,000 per year or £252,500 to be able to afford to pay the average private rent of £907.92 in Hammersmith & Fulham.


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