Welfare Benefits – (its young peoples fault that) over 60% goes to pensioners

A very quick post on a staggering statistic that emerged today in a National Audit Office report on DWP spend.  £82bn per year of the total £160bn is spent on the state retirement pension (£72bn) and state pension credit (£8bn).  Pensioners receive 51.25% of welfare benefits (excluding the £6.622bn they receive in Housing Benefit)

Including HB pensioners receive £88.622bn of the total £160bn welfare spend or 55.41% of the total welfare benefits spend!

And there was me thinking it is all these young feckless ne’er do wells that are welfare dependent scroungers!! Now come on Joe the grey vote is 40%+ of the electorate – Oh I see so that’s why Cameron said the following in his speech yesterday: –

“If we want our people to rise so Britain can rise, we must tackle welfare. Here’s two facts for you.

Fact one. We spend £90 billion a year on welfare for working-age people. Not pensions. Just welfare for working age people – and that’s one pound in every eight the government spends.”

It seems Cameron is as good at arithmetic as his chancellor, you know the one the Daily Telegraph call the illiterate innumerate!  As you dear reader can see from the above figures taken from the table below we do NOT spend £90bn per year on working-age people in welfare we spend £71.378 bn  [£160bn less £88.622bn] and the Prime Minister has stated as fact a figure that is 26% more than this!!

Of course we are used to barefaced lies from the PM and you will recall he said in January 2012 at PMQs that rents and the HB bill had reduced…you know the one that has increased by £3m PER DAY since he took office!

We are also used to the PM attacking young people too, SAR, banning under 25s from HB and generally it is young people who are welfare dependent and the welfare scroungers. But as you can see from the table below the majority of welfare spend goes on pensioners and NOT on young people or indeed all people of working-age as Cameron erroneously alluded.  Interesting how the odd £18bn or so is the margin of error in his welfare spend figures then he tells us we need to make £10bn more savings on welfare spend!!!

Finally if using Cameron’s inept arithmetic the government spends £720bn per year then on pensioner welfare benefits we spend 12.31% or about £1 in every £8 and we spend 9.91% on all working-age people in welfare spend or less than £1 in every £10


Apologies dear reader you can add on £1.81bn per year in Council Tax Benefit making £90.432bn of the £160bn total (56.5%)  Further apologies in advance as I dont have figures on how much of DLA / AA / IB / Other welfare benefit spend is on pensioners yet its possible this will take it over 60% of total welfare benefits spend.

Would it just be easier to say for every £2 paid in welfare benefits to working-age people that £3 goes to pensioners….probably!

To avoid any confusion I am not saying that pensioners dont deserve welfare benefits or are paid too much; rather how come it is always young people that are lazyt bastards in political speak when the facts done bear that out at all?  Surely the Cameron overtly and we must assume deliberately errant ‘fact’ calls all working-age people lazy bastards, that is the whole working-age population.  Strange that the lazy bastards are not all in this together then…and yes Cameron does allude that all working-age people are lazy bastards in his (non) fact!  Helluva lot of reliance on that 40% eh Dave!!

5 thoughts on “Welfare Benefits – (its young peoples fault that) over 60% goes to pensioners

  1. It is the young people peoples’ fault that they are being targeted. A majority of them don’t bother to vote and they are therefore a target without consequencies. People on benefits are also less likely to vote than people in work, so young people on benefits who vote are a tiny minority which politicians can ignore. If they don’t want to be ignored they need to act.

    1. Huge number of issues with that. Yes young people do tend not to vote but this is about working-age people (16 – 59) who receive 40% of total welfare benefits bill and a tiny proprtion of them get blamed and targetted.

      Secondly, would it make any difference if all young people did vote? I doubt it as middle England has to have someone to blame.

      Generally, I do agree that young people should be more politically active and aware, but when all they read is MPs telling them its your fault, is it any wonder they just stick two-fingers up?

  2. Andy – my post was not to say whether welfare benefit levels (individually or collectively) to pensioners are too high, too low or any other judgement on them; rather simply to show that in terms of what are called “welfare benefits” by NAO, that the vast majority goes NOT to young people or even all people of working age, just that they go to the over 60s. The media and especially politicians would have us believe that they ALL go to young (undeserving?) people when the facts prove a very different story

  3. tax the foreigners then instead of putting them onto our dole system and get our people to work instead of taxing the pensioners lot of these work illegal make our people work for a living get rid of illegal imagrants thats sucking our country mps should take big cuts in their wages instead of living off the fat of the lland instead of benefitting from the elderly

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