What would really hammer this home to the general public is the numbers. I watched the BBC London report on iPlayer and while it mentioned overall cost and cost of the highest cases and number of cases it didnt mention any comparisons. The £2k per week to £3k per week issue here is one example and if say there are more than 5 cases in Westminster alone of paying £2k per week that means just one London borough will be paying out on more than the 5 cases of £2k per week for the rest of the country.

the void

homeless-familyNothing sums up the toxic mix of brutality and blundering at the DWP than the news that homeless families are being housed in hotels at a cost of almost £3000 a week.

BBC London last night reported on the families kicked out of their homes due to the Housing Benefit cap who are now being put up in hotels at huge cost to the tax payer – an entirely predictable scenario for anyone who has a basic understanding of the housing and benefits system.

The Housing Benefit cap was introduced after lurid stories appeared in the tabloids about families living in £2000 a week Kensington mansions.   David Cameron himself denounced the housing benefit system that led to people claiming £100,000 a year.  The truth was not so dramatic and it turned out that less than five families were actually receiving that much in benefits – which it should be repeatedly…

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