Bedroom Tax – IDS the conniving little sh*t pulls a masterstroke!

“You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”

IDS did one hell of a job at trying to disprove Abraham Lincoln’s quote yesterday with what was a political masterstroke.

Hang on Joe didn’t you call him a conniving little shit.  Yes I did and it means the same thing.

All IDS did yesterday was re-allocate £5m of government spending and in doing so SAVED the pernicious bedroom tax and covered the backside of his party leader and cleverly reduced the government’s exposure to a whole host of flak.

Turn the clock back 24 hours and you see a government threatened by public opinion, political disadvantage and legal challenge. Today IDS and the Tories have those huge smug grins on each side of their faces and they have retaken the agenda in the battle for hearts and minds.

Joe Public saw those disabled, foster carers and soldiers as DESERVING cases and hence the bedroom tax was beginning to look unfair.  No government can afford this and knew they had lost the hearts and minds of the public, the same public who the government drip feed and occasionally pummel with the feckless spectre in an attempt to rally the majority who work to blame all societal and now economic ills on these scroungers

How can this have come to pass was the reality facing the Tory political strategists and spin machine just 24 short hours ago?

This bedroom tax malarkey is about council housing and the scrounging plebs that live there and even the term social housing doesn’t disguise the reality to Joe Public who still think council flat and sink estate and my property is going to be worth less if, God forbid, they try to build more of it.  Yet, the Tory spinmeisters knew they were losing the battle for hearts and minds against this rabble and especially the FAIRNESS tag they have sold this policy on as the many activists (political, single issue and legal) were winning that key battle.

We can’t even control the issue any more with social media and the plebs can easily be roused by the sophistry of what we once called champagne socialists, those media grabbing effete journalists who do rouse the plebs every so often to justify their own self-adulation and their villas in Tuscany

The Tory leader, the PM had severely cocked-up to boot and wasn’t helping either as he, and more importantly the Party, was exposed significantly for misleading parliament by saying disabled children were exempt and thankful that EdM was ignorant enough not to have taken the opportunity to expose that. But then the Tory spinmeisters are used to dealing with such faux pas from their leaders whoever they may be and a previous incumbent of that post, IDS, is after all, nothing but an empiricist driven by hs desire to have political history see him as the great reformer of the welfare state and not as the worst party leader in living memory an why IDS stayed at the poisoned chalice of the DWP and refused to move in the last reshuffle.

IDS, the villain in chief, the self-deluded great reformer and empiricist pulls out the masterstroke.  He rejigs £5m of DHPs.  Yes often the simplest ideas are the best ones.

Let’s take £5m, petty change, out of the discretionary funding we all know to be a fop and an excuse to hide behind for these £500m per year direct cuts and savings to take away all this political flak the party are getting.  Joe Public won’t notice as they never look at numbers and thank God we keep them barely numerate.

If we exempt the existing 5000 foster carers instead of taking the flak for not doing so then this costs £3.65m.  If we then exempt the known small amount of soldiers who live with their parents – the adult children we shall call them – and thankfully none of our opponents has ever asked how many of them there are we can take away this flak too.  If there are 1850 adult children soldiers then this comes to a spend of £1.35m at the £14pw figure their parents would be charged in thee bedroom tax.

[Reader – see Steve Webb repeatedly trying to use this correct but complex argument that only a tiny number of soldiers would be hit by the bedroom tax and I doubt it even is the 1850 figure I use,  The ministerial statement said “…the estimated 5,000 foster carers and rather fewer Armed Forces personnel…”]

So reduce the DHPs by £5m and use that to exempt existing approved foster carers and all the HB families with serving sons and daughters who live at home when not sent to Afghanistan and the flak goes away! The political masterstroke!

Makes those changes which costs the government nothing and we take away the flak and look a though we are listening and reasonable, though we will defer that argument till after the Guardian and the rest of the woolly liberals have written endless piffle about U-turns and concessions and how they helped in the ’cause’ so please buy our newspaper or subscribe to the Labour Party after our Johnny-come-lately trick of organising marches at the weekend and the inevitable “if was us that done it guv” bull they can use to exploit the plebs as they invariably do.

Right spin team what’s the update” will have been the first words from IDS this morning.  They would have responded all going to plan today Minister as the usual suspects using the U-turn and concession tags we expected. They are even buying the disabled child exemption as we knew they would and they are not picking it up as the government climbing down on this lost cause of the Supreme Court challenge we knew we would lose and of course they will think ALL disabled children are exempt and not a very tiny amount of them.  Just thinl of all the legal costs we have saved and how many more Judicial Reviews we have stopped from being allowed by those bloody judges who see through our political scheming!

Indeed!” IDS replies.

And just to hammer home that point thank God we have Localism and Joe Public simple agrees with the local people know local needs best spin we sold that on and not that this means when the shit hits any particular fan its then that fan is pointed at local councils and not us.

I love it when a plan comes together“says the Minister and presumably thinking he is clever or even funny while his spin doctors look at him that way and behind the fake smile they’re thinking if only I had written “Only the flakiest crumbliest chocolate” and made millions from that I wouldn’t have to work for this conniving little shit of a Minister. Still I should be grateful that I only have the Labour Party and the housing sector to fight against and this gives me 23 hours and 55 minutes spare time every day!

Reader, if you are still here, I could have simply said that IDS hoodwinked the Labour Party, the housing lobbies  and yes quelle surprise the CIH said it was a concession and tried to claim credit in their usual inept way, the revolting peasants believed the sycophantic shite the BBC News programmes put out and the countless stories in the press and media about concessions and U-turns.

Which brings me back to where I started and IDS, or at least his spin doctor team, ALMOST fooled all of the people all of the time. He’s got a huge grin on both his faces this morning!

2 thoughts on “Bedroom Tax – IDS the conniving little sh*t pulls a masterstroke!

  1. Thanks to your blog yesterday the revolting peasants aren’t taken in, in Liverpool at least. Further we understand that, while the most immediate and vile, the Bedroom Tax is in no way the only Benefit Reform issue that faces our communities.

    We understand that this is a direct and far reaching act of class war and we are organising and mobilising communities across our city to resist this assault in the absence of any meaningful opposition from the Labour Party.

    We also understand that this shit ain’t new.

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