£3 of every £5 spent on welfare benefits

£3 of every £5 spent on welfare benefits goes to the pensioner – 2011/12 breakdown http://hsmonline.co.uk/app/download/5792730159/%C2%A33+of+every+%C2%A35+in+welfare+benefits+to+pensioners+chart.pdf

2 thoughts on “£3 of every £5 spent on welfare benefits

  1. Its Amazing how the Government keeps silent over this, they just love to give the impression that the biggest proportion of the welfare budget is spent on the “”benefit scroungers””

  2. Why the bloody hell haven’t the Labour Party made this evidence of the lies spread by the Tory filth central to the defence of working and non working people of this country. It should be posted on hoardings 100ft high, at the entrances to every town in the land. Let the people know the Tory filth are liars of the first order, they have adopted the American Republicans Party policy of spewing complete fabrication, knowing full well that some of the idiots in the population will believe them if they say it loud enough and often enough. It should be illegal for elected officials to mislead their population, and if they do it should carry a criminal sentence. We don’t put these people we have elected into positions of unaccountability, they are bloody well accountable to us, and if they think they can con us by the drivel they produce they are on a hiding to hell, shoot the fuckers, let’s have a shooting weekend and see how many of the lying, bloated, corrupt, millionaires we can rid ourselves of.

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