Bedroom Tax and Mayor Joe Anderson – hypocrisy writ large (no pun intended)

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, the old saw and we all know what it means, has never been more accurately applied to the Mayor Of Liverpool, Joe Anderson.

In relation to the bedroom tax here is what Joe Anderson tweeted today:


  1. He’s a Labour shad minister – he should say he’ll repeal it and say so now – people are suffering & being made to feel like scroungers 2/2

  2. In @DailyMirror Labour’s Shadow DWP Minister Steven Timms tells Tories to drop #BedroomTax and drop it now 1/2

As you can see Joe Anderson is having a pop at Stephen Timms (yes Labour Mayor Joe cant even spell the name of his own party’s shadow minister correctly!!) and saying the national Labour Party of which he is a member should commit now to scrapping the bedroom tax.

Yet what can Mayor Joe do about it as, after all, his council administer the bedroom tax as the agent of central government.

  1. Does Mayor Joe have it in his power, as every local council does, to decide what a bedroom is and so rule for bedroom tax purposes hat any room under 50 square feet is not a bedroom as the 1985 Housing Act says?  Yes he can it is totally within his power and any councils power to do this as after all it is they who have to decide what a bedroom is and how many bedrooms each social property has.
  2. Does Mayor Joe have it in his power to say any room between 50 and 70 square feet is in effect half a bedroom and so rule that purported bedroom out of the bedroom tax?  Yes he does.
  3. Does Mayor Joe have it in his power to say it is economic madness for his Liverpool City Council to spend millions defending their bedroom tax decisions at tribunals – the council spending money to defend money being taken away from the city?  Yes he does!

So will Mayor Joe Anderson do any of the above?

Don’t hold your breath and he would rather play political games such as name calling and hoping nobody notices that he has done in local jargon ‘bugger all’ to challenge the pernicious bedroom tax and instead resorts to throwing stones from his glass house while he drinks tea from a black kettle; or again in local language he is being a s**t house and also a s**t stirrer!

You may also want to re-read my open letter to him about the bedroom tax posted here on 2 April 2013 the day after the bedroom tax came into force.  You may also wish to read again about all the dirty tricks Mayor Joe’s council has been up to in the bedroom tax here

Then again you may just want to sit back and laugh your head off as any Tory will be doing, as local Labour politicians attack national ones or as councils attack the opposition…I mean just how much will the Tories be laughing their heads off as all and sundry moan at each other over the bedroom tax as they don’t have the nous of the balls to attack the government.

Yes the Labour Party, Her Majesty’s Official Opposition should get rid of the bedroom tax and should grow a backbone, I agree with the sentiment Mayor Joe expressed entirely.  Yet Mayor Joe has far more power than all the Labour MPs put together to do something about the bedroom tax NOW and he doesn’t have the balls to do it.

By the way, Stephen Timms has more knowledge of the bedroom tax than any other MP in the country and far more than all the Liverpool City Councillors put together.  I am not a fan of his (or any politician of any party) but I have to respect how much he knows what the bedroom tax and the welfare reforms mean. He doesn’t make policy and his boss is Liam Byrne, a totally clueless political strategist who wouldn’t have been considered a ‘wet’ if he was in Thatcher’s cabinets.

By comparison Joe Anderson has a huge degree of power and influence over how Liverpool City Council can act against the bedroom tax, yet he has done nothing constructive with that power. That is real political cowardice Mayor Joe and I am reminded of that other old saw, actions speak louder than words….now what brought that to mind I wonder?

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