4 out of 5 disabled wont get a DHP

Why will 4 out of every 5 disabled households not get a bedroom tax DHP?


1. Government say there are 660,000 bedroom tax households in total

2. These 660,000 households get £500m taken away from them with the bedroom tax

3. 420,000 of these 660,000 bedroom tax households are disabled households

4. Therefore bedroom tax takes £318m from these disabled households.

5. Government gave councils £25m for bedroom tax DHPs

6. Government announced further (conditional) £35m of DHPs

7. Total bedroom tax DHP is £60m (£25m + £35m)

If ALL of this £60m is spent ONLY on disabled then this £60m has to cover a reduction of £318m.

So 4 out of 5 disabled tenants will not get a DHP to pay their bedroom tax

13 thoughts on “4 out of 5 disabled wont get a DHP

  1. My worry is where a “disabled” tenant has already been issued with a DHP (for full amount) but ONLY for six mths what chances are there of it being reknewed as time is almost up on the six month awards now ?? any ideas or projections? looking forwards possibly and equally what the best route for success would be in this instance ?

  2. This has been our argument all along Dougie, they are highly unlikely to have it renewed, simply because there is no money. It’s like the bedroom tax itself – you can’t get blood from a stone. It was always going to be like this. We told all our group, DHP or not they must appeal. the bedroom tax decision. Every recipient of DHP will add to the already growing numbers of tenants unable to pay.Some disabled tenants were given a false sense of security, which is so wrong.

  3. Like Linda says Dougie, Go on facebook, there are quite a few Anti Bedroom Tax groups on there. I am in one of those groups. They will tell/show you how to appeal and how to word that letter etc. They have helped me, throughout my process of appealing. I have overnight care when I am bedridden which is very often. I should be exempt from the bedroom tax, but my council are still trying to charge me bedroom tax, so now in the process of appeal. It is disgusting how this government are treating Disabled people, not only are they Discriminating against us but they are also breaking Human Rights Laws. If I don’t get Justice in this country, then I will take my case to the European Courts of Human Rights! To Discriminate is a criminal offence! and and not how they put it at Judical Review, The Judge ruled it was legal discrimination, he must be in cahoots with this Government. That is called corruption! There is nothing lawful about discrimination and makes a farce of the law! So if I don’t get justice I will take it to Europe with a group of us! What This Government are doing to the disabled, is breaking the Law! How can Governments get away with it. They have taken this country back 50yrs with no rights for disabilities, The Government are disabling people even more! This is wrong and against the law! We are being treated as though we are the underclass, living in fear of losing home, causing stress and anxiety, This is against our Human Rights Laws! This Government needs to be deposed for the Oppression Of disabled people. He certainly cannot do his maths, How can people give money they don’t have? They certainly cannot pluck it out of thin air! There is going to be mass evictions and people living on the streets, also the suicide rate will go up, because people rather die than live on the streets. just because of this unlawful bedroom tax! How can this government victimise disabled people in this way and not like the rest of society. he says to free up family homes…that is absolute b****x! There are loads of empty family homes as a result of this stupid tax, nobody wants them because they cannot afford the tax, so when the Government says free up family homes you know they’re lying! The government should be building more homes to RENT not buy! It’s like we don’t exist….a lot of people are going to die as a result of this government policies. Already 310,000 ESA claimants have died, since it was brought out, that figure was back in Feb. ” professors from university carried out the study as this government did not do a study. 110,000 within the 1st 6 weeks. Now this is not publicised again which is wrong! This Government are causing a lot of poor people to die, through there illegal policies! Unfortunately there will be a lot more. This Government should be prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity! We don’t need the gas chambers just this governments policies! We are under Oppression and Tyranny, well the poorest and the most vulnerable in society. This Government have turned the general population against us, making out we are all scroungers who can work! The lying toe-rag! It’s this Government who are the scroungers and a drain on the taxpayer! We are Taxpayers too, even on benefits. I worked out how much VAT I pay on just my food bills and utility bills, it came to £120.00 per month that’s not counting everything I buy!

  4. well said Carmen, i am dreading September when my DHP runs out, i will no doubt end up on the streets myself, i was served with an legal proceedings from my H/A in June because of £135 bedroom tax arrears, it was delayed because, on the day i received the notice i had just been diagnosed with a pancreatic tumour, i had saved the Government thousands of pounds per year being a full time carer being paid a pittance by them, and now i need care, and a home, i will be deprived of basic human rights, no doubt it wont be long, ie September onwards, i will be getting treated by the district nurses in the gutter

    1. I agree Pat, it’s causing a strain on the NHS because people are becoming unwell through this tax, which is hardly surprising when people are starving themselves. I used to work hard too before disability, I actually enjoyed going to work and having a social life. This is how our government treat you when you become sick or disabled. So be warned people who are in work, you never know when sickness or disability hits you, you will be treated like and underclass, you will be discriminated against even making out we are all scroungers to society and thick people really believe the government unfortunately! We know they lie just a pity the general population don’t see this. health professionals are shocked at the way the sick and disabled are treated! We need to take this to Europe and stop the Government in their tracks with their obscene policies! Pat have you appealed against the bedroom tax? If not do appeal hun. If that fails you have a right to take it to judical review, and if you get a corrupt judge who will not uphold the law Then take it to Europe they will uphold the law! Good luck Pat keep me informed. I am appealing against the bedroom tax. I have now made it clear. I did think that DHP and bedroom tax were the same thing, but they are not. Pat I would appeal against the bedroom tax, not the DHP. like you said come September will they award DHP again…I think not! That’s why you need to appeal the bedroom tax. Was like myself and my late husband, we are both severely disabled, but we helped each other with personal care and saved Hampshire County Council Thousands of pounds with personal care between us.

      1. Carem, yes I took Joes advice a couple of months ago, and appealed my housing benefit cut, re bedroom tax, it is now at the stage of being looked at by an independent tribunal, like you I will take it further, I have lived in my HOME for over 25 years, and I will fight until the end to keep it.

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