Asylum seekers treated better than bedroom tax victims

Asylum seekers are entitled to a bedroom measuring at least 70 square feet yet the social tenant is being denied this by the government who think that tenants deserve just 15.2 square feet as the U6/2013 HB circular states.

Boy I wish I worked for the Daily Mail!! An asylum seeker is entitled to 4.6 times that of a British national when it comes to bedroom size.

15 years or so ago the government decided, correctly, to disperse asylum seekers across the country as they tended to settle in or around Dover and London.  It was unfair on councils there to shoulder the costs and fair to disperse asylum seekers so all councils shared the costs.

I headed up the programme for a council in Greater Manchester and the government requirements for properties was that a bedroom had to be a minimum of 70 square feet and this was contained as one of the contract terms set down by the government.

If is wasn’t at least 70 square feet then it wasn’t a bedroom.

Note well this applied to all properties and so was not just a HMO condition, it applied to a sole family in a property too.

Yet this government in a knee jerk reaction to the Fife bedroom tax appeal successes issues the HB circular U6/2013 which says literally that a bedroom can be as small as 15.2 square feet – its a bedroom if you can fit a single bed in it.

So an asylum seeker is allowed a bedroom size that is 4.6 times greater than a British tenant according to this government.  Oh yes this same government says the bedroom tax is fair!

Do I need to comment any further on this?


4 thoughts on “Asylum seekers treated better than bedroom tax victims

  1. I’d love to see the Daily Mail’s attempts to report that. How could they do it without seeming to be supporting the Bedroom Tax victim? What a dilemma for them!

  2. This is a “divide and conquer” technique. Right pit one group of people who really do need and deserve help against another group who need and deserve help and pretend it is one OR the other. Nice. You fell into that trap which benefits those who would oppress both.

    1. Its not a divide and conquer technique or any jingoistic Johnny Foreigner UKIP Daily Mail issue. What we have is central government insisting by way of contract that a bedroom has to be 70 square feet in terms of floor space as a matter of fact. Now government is saying oh no this doesn’t matter because of political motives (code for oh shit we have been found out yet again!) This is a matter that cant affect appeals and the legal issues involved. How can govt say a bedroom has to be 70 square feet in 1999/2000 when asylum dispersal took place or began yet now 14 years later say bedroom size is not an issue?

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