Inept Labour Party lets down 1.6 million

Inept Labour Party lets down 1.6 million bedroom tax affected men women and children Today’s debate


10 thoughts on “Inept Labour Party lets down 1.6 million

  1. DONT WE KNOW IT – And the clever amongst us both knew and expected this abolish it indeed THEY ORCHESTRATED and designed in back in 2008 lest we forget sadly the Labourites won’t either admit nor accept this nor the fact that Labour have ONLY promised to abolish it IN ORDER TO GAIN VOTES —– FULLSTOP ——- Wake up Labourites and smell the roses before voting for them to take our country into even more despair ….. Much as I DON’T like Cons Labour in the previous administration caused at least as many issues as the Cons have this one !!! PStt – Welfare Reform was/Is a Labour policy and act

  2. We are focussing very much on th 70 square feet limit. But as one of the Fife judgements points out, the Regs (and Circular A4.2012) presuppose a bedroom can accommodate couple or two teenagers – when we look at size therefore, should we not be arguing anything under 110 square feet (Housing Act suitable for 2 adults). Ruth

  3. In the parliamentary debate on the Bedroom Tax, the Lib Dem minister for pensions, Steve Webb, claimed that “he was aware of the availability of 56,000 one-bedroom properties, 147,000 two-bedroom properties and 104,000 three-bedroom properties” in the social housing sector. I’ve been searching for any statistics on this and can’t find any. If there was this number of properties going begging, surely there wouldn’t be millions on waiting lists!

    I did find a website where private landlords were talking a year ago about a total of 75,000 properties in the social sector in the UK being empty for 2 months while they were renovated – and these would have had people waiting for the tenancies. I find it hard to believe that an extra 270,000 properties, including masses of 1 and 2 bedroomed properties, have magically become vacant since then.

    Would really appreciate good info on this please – not of the IDS conflating-all-the-statistics-for-the-last-4-years-or-more variety (as he did with quoting stats on the number of people who had stopped claiming invalidity benefits!)

  4. indeed I was ONLY attempting to clarify that you were referring to the same website that is unmanned, frequently gets matches so so wrong, has by far the largest amount of time wasters and complaints about it and frequently spurs threads in excess of 200-250 posts long of irate users was my point that IF we are to trust what they say we are doomed for sure 🙂

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