New HB figures today – bedroom tax £100m pa LESS than government claim!!

The DWP published the Housing Benefit statistics today and these cover the period up until August 2013.  They include for the first time the bedroom tax figures and here are two very interesting statistics to start off with and I will update this during the day as the DWP like to hide the statistics in their presentation.  For example in its overview the DWP makes no mention whatsoever of:-

(a)    only 522.905 have been hot by the bedroom tax deductions despite the DWP estimate of 660,000 so 21% fewer households with of course a 21% reduction in the ‘savings.’

Over a full year this is £100m LESS in claimed savings than the coalition stated

(b)    That the number of working people claiming housing benefit has crashed through the one million mark to hit 1,013,822 at August 2013.  Note too the number at May 2010 was 650,551 so since the election we have seen a 56% increase in working people paid so little they have to claim housing benefit

Housing Benefit is a crutch that UK employers rely upon to pay their low wages and HB is a subsidy for employers of low wage Britain

Over a million working people are forced to claim HB as wages are so low!!

You can also note that the number of under 25s – yes those Cameron et all want to stop receiving HB has dropped from 380,542 in May 2010 to 351,682 at August 2013.  This is a fall of 28.860 or 7.6% in a timeframe which saw overall HB claimants rise by 287,674 a rise of just over 6%.

Wrong target Mr Cameron?

I will keep these little nuggets coming over the day ….


4 thoughts on “New HB figures today – bedroom tax £100m pa LESS than government claim!!

  1. my daughter lost er place at hostel due to sanction and hb being stopped before they had even made a payment. she had waited a month after losing her job before finally relenting and going to Job centre to sign on. she had applied for many jobs handed cv’s into stores whether they were advertising jobs or not. but she had to contribute to rent water and elec at hostel so needed to sign on whilst she continue to look for another one. anyway technically she was then homeless> I had been made to move 50miles away as despite trying for three years couldnt get a smaller place in townI grew up in and raised my children who had also been my carers. The knock on affect of reforms and Bed tax is so damaging. I rarely able to have a proper wash as i need help. lifting a cupda is often painful let alone trying to make a meal so i eat very little and not as often also issue with getting food from shops to start with. all due to me haveing to move so far away from my help> my kids never claimed a penny for caring for me either.

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