Cameron lies to parliament again about the bedroom tax

Today David Cameron once again lied to parliament about the bedroom tax during Prime Ministers Questions.

Watch the above recording and just after 15 minutes in response to a question on the bedroom tax Cameron states:

“Obviously what we’ve done is exempt disabled people who need an extra room”

There are no exemptions at all for disabled people in the bedroom tax.

Cameron must surely know this policy by now and it cannot be said that he is just ignorant of the bedroom tax policy.  He must have deliberately and knowingly lied and that is the end of it.

No airy-fairy excuses such as he does not know the policy or he was just mistaken or he didn’t know he misled or any other euphemism for a lie; he knowingly and overtly lied when he said a disabled person who needs an extra room is exempt or exempted in the bedroom tax – no such exemptions exist and never have done.

Other Cameron lies at PMQs are here and where by his own mouth he confirms he lied here – I could go on with many more knowing and deliberate lies from his cabinet colleagues especially McVey who is a past master at it. Yet are we are all getting blase about knowing lies from this government?

This is the Prime Minister knowingly and overtly lying here! What the hell does that say for democracy and the political system we all have to live in? Does it take every disabled person in the UK to write to the speaker to have Cameron apologise for this. Would the speaker have the balls to demand Cameron amend the record and apologise to the House?

Every family affected by the bedroom tax and every disabled family in the UK should write to their MP and should email the speaker and get Cameron to apologise to parliament and do so immediately.  Anyone fancy setting up a campaign for this on social media?  If so let me know and I will gladly sign.

Perhaps you want to tweet him @David_Cameron so that his 522,135 followers know he overtly lied today?

29 thoughts on “Cameron lies to parliament again about the bedroom tax

  1. If Camoron was telling the truth, its quite likely we wouldn’t be taking the SoS for Work & Pensions to the High Court with our Bedroom Tax appeal.

    I often wonder if IDS or Cameron actually know we’ve taken tis action!

    Bet they haven’t been told.

  2. I’m not on Twitter so I thought I’d tell him what I thought of him on his Facebook page. Unfortunately the slimey git won’t let you post a comment without “liking” him first. Perish the thought!

  3. Why are they not held to account for their blatant lies, why doesn’t Labour grow some and say something about it? What a disgrace they all are and what incompetent idiots they look like to other countries with their childish behaviour and tit for tat. I feel better now 🙂

    1. All three parites are working towards the same end appealing to Labour is equally pointess none of them represent us. All three work against the national interest and towards the breakup of the UK and the destruction of its institutions. re the disabled they are in the eyes of our controllers “useless eaters” the eugenics goal is to reduce the numbers of the old and sick via benefit reduction and NHS destruction. They are to be replaced by an influx of working age immigrants who are productive tax slaves and all pay into the slave system . PAYE poverty as you earn.

  4. It’s all about image and votes, votes, votes in the run up to the next election.
    The truth is always a casualty of these pressing, and entirely selfish concerns. It’s what politicians have been doing since time immemorial and it’s CALLOUS, verging on the CRIMINAL. So complete is the scapegoating of vulnerable and poor people, the majority of wealthy, southern, selfish, Tory voting toffs won’t know and even if they did, wouldn’t give a damn. And Cameron knows he can get away with it.

  5. Is he speaking at cross purposes here? Confuddling “the disabled” with the amendments refered to in a21-2013 due to the Gorry verdict? Even if he is, its still a lie in my mind… not to mention that “disabled” in this case is limited not to “disabled” but by reciept of specific rates of a specific benefit so watch more preasure by IDS and the DWP to excluded even more people by forcing Atos to fail ever greater numbers from “high/middle” rate DLA in the new tranch of assessments (assuming that they even bother to do any work as over half the assessment venues are not being provided dispite still getting paid for them) just how low can the fecking pond life sink?

  6. “Obviously what we’ve done is exempt disabled people who need an extra room” ?? All they will say is he DID NOT SAY ALL disabled, he said disabled and that is sadly true for a very very small % that have appealed and won and in this way he is absolutely correct I’m afraid, you see MPs and PMs are great aurators and subsequently great with words, with misleading with double and sometimes treble or more meanings, leaving them to pick the least damaging as what they meant! what I/we can say for sure is that DM won’t suffer for whatever his meaning is, whether right, wrong or whatever you ain’t going to take him down on matters like this I am afraid simple as that this type of critique will just be seen as childish and nitpicking ………..

    BevR – Bravo someone else that’s sees what I’ve said for over two years now on my BT pages, as Milliband as leader for the opposition ain’t opposing very much is he? he has had OVER TWO years whilst this was going through Lords and the commons to object and to stop it? did he try? did he chuffin #%#% as like, NOT a tweet, not a word, not a single objection, makes you have to wonder jus what is going on when the opposition no longer oppose ?? as for claiming he will abolish BT if Labour win the next General all that is, is blatant vote rigging old carrot on a stick call it what you wish it’s severly underhand and won’t be followed through anyway, like DC last pre election promises NONE of which he has fulfilled as apparently “the country was in a worse state” than they thought pre election that has thus prevented him from allowing the PROMISED concessions?? thus making ALL politicians pre election promises worthless in so doing, as you say they are NOT accountable and rightfully should be FULLSTOP ultimately everyone in all walks of life have to be and in fact in the real world are accountable arent they?? Facebook ORIGINAL FIRST and Oldest support guidance and information resource in terms of Bedroom Tax still providing the FACTS today OVER two years on ………….

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