Another bedroom tax success on room size – Yes another one in Birkenhead!

On this blog site I have just seen a comment that was sent 3 days ago.  I know no more than what the comment says which I have reproduced in full below.  I will try to get a full judgment and publish shortly but the comment says it pretty much.


Just a quick thank you for all your posts about the hated bedroom tax. My partner was successful at an appeal tribunal in Birkenhead last week in respect of a 66ft square ‘spare’ room in her Plus Dane ground floor flat.

The appeal was largely based upon

> historic and current use of the room as a dressing room
> the history of the complex (ex pensioner accommodation)
> current and historic use of the same room in the other identical flats (never used as
bedrooms in any of the other flats)
> size – not big enough to furnish in the way you would expect a ‘bedroom’ to be furnished;
for example couldn’t fit in wardrobe and dressing table as well as a bed
> Fife first tier tribunal decisions
> too small for a lodger

We wouldn’t have even appealed if it wasn’t for your posts. So the fact that we did, and that we had the material to support the appeal is purely down to you. So thanks again

Sometimes when you get comments like that it makes this fight to get rid of the bedroom tax so worthwhile!


7 thoughts on “Another bedroom tax success on room size – Yes another one in Birkenhead!

  1. Someone from my housing association is coming out to measure my boxroom on Monday, as it is under 70sqft, i am also appealing the cut in H/B.

  2. Question. A 3-bed is rented to a family with two children, one male and one female. The youngest is 6 years old and the oldest 12. One of the rooms is less than 70 sq ft and the 6 year old obviously occupies this. When that child reaches the age of 10 the family will have to be moved to comply with the 1985 Housing Act. How, then, can the tenancy be regarded as permanent given that the clock is ticking the moment the family move in? And if the tenancy is, by definition, temporary, does that not mean that the Under-Occupancy SI does not apply given that it does not apply to temporary housing?

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