Britains low pay economy as the HB figures explain

125% of new HB claimants since the election are in work!!!!!!!!!!!


At May 2010 the claimant count stood at 4,751,526 and at the latest figures for August 2013 (Yes the DWP really are that far behind!) the number of claimants is 5,042,973.  So this means the number of new claimants since the election is 291,447.

Ay May 2010 the number of HB claimants in work was 650,551 and at latest figures at August 2013 there are now 1,013,819 claimants in such low pay jobs that they claim HB.  The number of claimants in work since election has thus increased by 363,268.

So 363,268 new claimants in work over 291,447 new claimants in total is 124.6%!

Britain’s low pay economy anyone? Yep

Housing Benefit subsidising low pay employers? Without doubt!

Of the 291,447 new claimants a whopping 214,824 of those are in the private rented sector and so 74% of all new HB claims come from the PRS since the election. 

Now 214,824 PRS claimants each receiving an average of £30 per week more in housing benefit than a social tenant is a further increase of circa £336m per year in the overall bill than it would be if these new claimants were social tenants.  Anyone see reducing SRS HB in the bedroom tax is the wrong target?

Anyone still not see the bedroom tax for the political issue it is?  Or anyone still not see the bedroom tax is a direct attack on social housing itself?

Excuse the layout people but this is a 5 minute blog that any numpty could see and realise what is going on….coalition MPs excluded of course!


8 thoughts on “Britains low pay economy as the HB figures explain

  1. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    This, unfortunately, is sadly all too true. Worse, some of the big companies, like Marks and Spencers, use Housing Benefit to subsidise the workers, whose wages and working hours are too low to support themselves. Marks and Spencer and some of the other big supermarkets only allow workers in certain jobs, like out in the car park to work part time. In order to keep a roof over their heads, these workers are forced to claim Housing Benefit, so in effect the HB is being abused by these stores as a way of paying their staff what they’re worth. Rather than this benefit being claimed by the feckless poor or unemployed, its taken by people, who have absolutely no choice in Cameron’s brilliant, new, low-paying economy.

    As for the bedroom, I’ve already stated in the comments to a previous post on Osborne’s proposed new austerity cuts that I’ve already spoken to someone once today, who is faced with the choice of heat or eat, thanks to it. This is the reality of Osborne’s supposed economic upturn – good for a very, very few, but based on hardship and want for the many.

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