5000 pre 96 cases DWP – hahahahaha!

DWP estimated no more than 5000 pre 96 exempt case.  I estimated 40,000 a big difference.

Merseyside has 5 councils each of whom have stock transferred organisations running the former council housing.  I have preliminary figures from two of these in St Helens and Wirral which total over 900 cases and both equate to around 15% of bedroom tax cases in their respective LA areas (see below too). 

Merseyside has 24,286 confirmed cases of bedroom tax according to latest DWP figures and so if this 15%is replicated across the 5 councils it would be 3,625 pre 96 cases in Merseyside alone.

Anyone think the DWP estimate of 5000 total case for Merseyside’s 5 councils PLUS another 340 or so local councils is a good one?

Note too that these are figures from JUST the stock transferred HAs and while these will be the major social landlords in their council area the figures do not include HA cases and in Merseyside there are some large HAs such as Riverside, Symphony (LHT and Cobalt) Regenda and so when the figures for these HAs are added the 15% figure I am using here could well be higher.

Yesterday it was revealed Nottingham has around 800 or so cases so just Merseyside and Nottingham have 4400 or so between them.  I would strongly suspect nearby areas such as Halton, Wigan and Salford and the rest of Greater Manchester will probably triple this overall figure alone and then just how many with the rest of the North West add to this.  I suspect the NW alone will have over 10,000 cases and closer to 15,000 pre 96 exempt cases.. 

Then there is the North East oh and Scotland oh and Wales and Yorks and Humber regions…

Of course some of these cases may not be proven, but then how many cases still to be discovered through successions to the tenancy?  How many other more difficult to find cases will emerge too.

DWP and 5000? Just thinking of all those journalists and media sites who simply regurgitated this risible DWP estimate  and take a bow BBC and Inside Housing….oh dear!

If anyone gets figures from any LA area or large landlord why not simply put them below as a comment….



7 thoughts on “5000 pre 96 cases DWP – hahahahaha!

  1. They will just twist it round: the benefit system is more broken than we imagined. An additional X thousand cases were discovered meaning that many more people have been claiming housing benefit without a break for over 18 years. In this time, they failed to secure meaningful employment whereas the holy strivers worked hard and put up with regular increases of their rents over the years. The Y thousand cases of inherited tenancies mean that the benefits lifestyle carries through generations and we need to stop it immediately. Therefore, the following cuts will be made starting tomorrow…

    1. Just in case anyone reading the comment above does not realise it is meant to be sarcastic!
      The majority of people claiming housing benefit are in work… HB is not only for the ‘unemployed” most of whom are not actually ‘unemployed’ The vast majority are forced to be on benefits when they don’t want to be for many reasons… They may find it impossible to get decent, affordable childcare, they may be sick or disabled or simply have a lack of job opportunity, via cuts and redundancies. This majority that do struggle to find work, find there is no work to be had or have to travel miles leaving family and friends to find it. Many of those that have jobs (including full-time) are so low-paid they have to exist on top up benefits especially HB.

      1. It is not even sarcastic – this is what they will most probably say as they always twist the facts and make statistics fit their agenda. Truth never stopped them from fuelling tabloid obsession with scroungers and fraudsters. All the points you raise are absolutely spot on.

        However, the party line is that benefits are a lifestyle choice. That if we really wanted it, we all could be employed even though the ratio of job seekers to job offers is five to one. That employers sack disabled people and do not want to hire them because many adjustments are deemed unreasonable. Even disability is becoming a choice (I have read recently that a woman was told by DWP that she contributed to her aggressive bone cancer). Children? Can’t afford them, don’t have them (and never you mind that you had them when you were well and working). They even say that the use of food banks is a way of reducing our food bill so that we have more money on booze, fags and whatever else we are meant to be able to afford but don’t need.

        There is no respect or understanding for the precariat, even the working one. Unfortunately, the government’s attitude is poisoning those who still have their heads above the water (they manage so we should as well).

  2. 70% of Bedroom tax victims are disabled. We have no breakdown of the figures for long-tern tenancies for pre-1996 HB recipients. If anyone can identify the breakdown on this group by type of benefits it would go a long way to silencing the DWP propaganda that Workshy anticipates, that they will be closing the “loophole” for the unwaged. I suspect the disabled will be over-represented in that group, and the generations of workshy be found to be the urban legend we know it to be.

    IDS will no doubt try & bully his way out of this. Fat chance. The whole problem with the bedroom tax is that it was rushed, ideological, taken without any impact study, and most of all just plain wrong.

    I hope that the news from the House of Commons on the Michael Meacher debate today will help bring the truth into the light of day, where we will see the darkness at the centre of the unelected regime in power today. It must not be allowed to wither before the next election.

    SPeye – brilliant stuff, can’t say thank you enough for your tireless work on behalf of this issue, and trying to repair some of the damage done to peoples lives because of this attack on their homes. It should never have happened, but despite that people are still hurting badly. You got a mention in Parliament – how good is that! .

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