Bedroom Tax Pools Panel Results

Results in the IDS Football Exempt League

  • DWP 585 Scotland 10,000
  • DWP 95   Birmingham 2,000
  • DWP 81   Liverpool 1600
  • DWP 29   Wirral 529
  • DWP 24   St Helens 456
  • DWP 8   West Lancs 150
  • DWP 11   Waltham Forest 146
  • DWP 7   Westminster 124
  • DWP 7   Exeter 39

Hears a rumour that Gideon Osborne parachuted in as manager given the huge goal difference problem the DWP led by IDS has. However that rumour has been quashed by Michael Gove who correctly pointed out that goal difference irrelevant as they have no points…something he knows about as a student of British Eurovision Song Contests……Breaking news Cameron pipes up these numbers cant be true as all disabled persons are exempt from the bedroom tax, they must be as I have told Parliament about this time after time…but then in steps IDS again to say I have only unlawfully stolen £22m this year from the disabled, its such a piddling amount whats all the fuss and in any case don’t worry I have decided to make a change in the law today to make my theft legal.  Our old friend Grant Shapps pipes up thank God for that lets hope the general public don’t notice until 3 March when we change the law without any debate and consultation as we ARE the government after all! Grayling skulks in the corner at this pretending to know something about the law …enough said there, while Theresa May asks if everyone likes her new shoes….which of course cost more than a years bedroom tax for the 40,000 plus households have each had stolen from them……ah plus ca change and just another day in the Tory cabinet eh reader!


OOPS nearly forgot..the figures are for the DWP estimate of those they have stolen money from in the bedroom tax and the second figures they are the latest count of those households in the areas that have issued numbers so far.  Those of you who don’t work for the government (ie you have a calculator from Poundland) will note just the few areas mentioned comes to over 15,000 households that have had the bedroom tax unlawfully imposed upon them against a maximum DWP estimate of 5000 for the whole of England, Scotland and Wales.

The above 8 represent 40 local councils and there are another 400 or so council figures to add to this list.  My apologies reader when I estimated it would be 40,000 households with 100,000 men women and children affected by this bedroom tax cock up of the DWP it appears I have underestimated the number.

Still how nice it is of IDS to steal about £22m this year from the disabled and about £17m from women (who are twice as likely to have had this imposed as men) and about £4m or so from those who care for family members.  Should we let this nice man IDS away with changing the law without debate without discussion and without any impact assessment on the disabled, on women and on carers.

Well that’s up to you reader.  You could lobby your MP, lobby all the disability pressure groups, ask Women’s Hour for a debate on this, get on mumsnet, speak with Carers UK or write to your local or national newspaper, get on local radio and raise awareness of the cover up of this theft that IDS calls a loophole and only affects a ‘small’ number in his view…ok you get the point.

I nearly said social landlords could actually stick their heads above the parapet and have a coordinated response and challenge to this as it affects the people they like to call customers but just rubbed behind my ear and its bone dry!


6 thoughts on “Bedroom Tax Pools Panel Results

  1. And it just keeps getting worse 😉
    At least it looks highly likely Scotland’s off the hook now 🙂
    And the saga goes on, wonder if they will make a TV program about all this, as your just couldn’t write this I tell you !! in private business the head honchos heads would roll but as this is Gov we are talking about I have NO doubt those concerned will get a knighthood Still working hard to provide the most accurate, up to date information available 🙂

  2. Hi, Joe, One more stat for your league table. I’ve asked Leeds City Council, via my MP, Greg Mulholland, what they are doing about the ‘1996’ cock up. The reply from Steve Carey, Head of Benefits and Revenue at Leeds City Council is that, “Of the 7000 council tenants to whom the under-occupancy rules apply, we have identified a maximum of 430 cases which may be exempt. We need to complete checks on these cases and where the exemption is confirmed we will reinstate full Housing Benefit and credit the extra HB to the rent account”.


    1. Thanks Dave and I note this is just for council tenants so the figure for all of Leeds when HA tenants are included will be a higher figure. Yet even if not this still equates to over 6% which nationally would see 32.000 or so affected. The DWP estimate for Leeds (council and HA) is just 62 cases!!

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