Is to tell parliament lies over the bedroom tax official Tory policy?

Esther McVey fibbing to Parliament again!  Only yesterday as Hansard records below

Housing Benefit: Social Rented Housing

Chris Bryant: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions pursuant to his oral answer of 13 January 2014, Official Report, column 577, what the evidential basis was for his estimate of between 3,000 and 5,000 people that may have been affected by the under-occupancy penalty since April 2013. [187104]

Esther McVey: On the information currently available, we estimate the numbers affected are likely to be fewer than 5,000 nationally.

This is based on the assumption that if a claimant’s current claim started before 1 January 1996 they would have been entitled to the transitional protection and therefore affected.

Of course this morning Chris Bryant releases detailed of over 16,000 already affected from less than a third of actual (to date) council figures and that the most reliable estimate if 50,000 which as you can see is TEN TIMES the McVey lie she gave to Parliament yesterday.


I heard Lord Fraud repeat the same fib at this mornings Woek & Pensions Select Committee too and again Hansard reports from today’s 10 minute rule bill: –

My point of order relates to the bedroom tax. Mr Speaker, you will recall that earlier this year, when asked how many people had been affected by the loophole in the bedroom tax legislation, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, a Member of this House, said that the number was between 3,000 and 5,000. In a written answer, the Minister of State, the hon. Member for Wirral West (Esther McVey), also a Member of this House, said that she did not know how many had been affected. Lord Freud, a Minister in another place, said that it was an insignificant number. Today, however, he told the Work and Pensions Committee of this House that the number was 5,000. We have been doing their work for them, and from freedom of information requests to local authorities in England, Wales and Scotland, we already know, from just the third that replied, of 16,000 cases

Oh I see now, its official Tory policy to lie!

9 thoughts on “Is to tell parliament lies over the bedroom tax official Tory policy?

  1. the worst part is the public already knew the truth so we watched them reel off these clearly incorrect figures with straight faces! They are disgusting to treat the people of the uk in such a way.

  2. The whole of the coalition lie, lie and then lie some more! I wonder if 20 or 30 years ago if parliament would have allowed all these lies to go through, or would they have stopped them and then had the minister involved, sacked?!?! After all, isn’t it a law not to lie to parliament?
    Don’t get me started on McVey and Fraud – along with IDS I would have no problem having them put down!

  3. It’s worth adding that Debbie Abrahams told the Speaker (after the point of order by Chris Bryant) that the Work and Pensions Committee would be taking action over this. Expect red-faced apologies from Iain Duncan Smith (who also told this particular whopper), McVey and Freud in the near future.
    … The alternative is that they could face discipline for intentionally lying to Parliament, which is a serious matter and could see them all expelled if done properly (so no chance of that).

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