Liverpool Council is NOT recovering DHP paid to pre 1996 exempt tenants

Major hat tip to Karen the Liverpool tenant I told you about who has now been sent a letter to say the HB unlawfully deducted after the DWP cock-up which is now according to the Labour Party FOI requests to affect 50,000 or so households and not the DWP’s risible estimate of 5000.

Secondly, Liverpool City Council has decided correctly NOT to recover the DHP that tenants were awarded.  This is in contrast to neighbouring Wirral Borough Council who believe (incredulously and wrongly) that a DHP can be recovered and this despite warnings from DWP in the A1/2014 HB circular here that those councils who do seek to recover DHPs are on very dodgy legal ground


Major hat tip to Liverpool City Council too for doing the right thing morally as well as legally.

And Wirral MBC and its Labour council …oh dear your name is going to be appearing lots in my posts to name and shame you until you do the right thing too.  Yes MBC Wirral you would do well to remember that as you cocked up too in failing to act in accordance with the law that you are guilty of maladministration too and the whole question of whether a DHP is recovered is only due to YOUR cock-up!

How about landlords in Wirral too.

If as Wirral MBC wish they recover the DHP from the landlord despite the tenants objections and despite the DWP and the law stating recovery is highly questionable and the landlords then debits the tenants rent account I wonder how the landlords actions will be viewed legally?

Worms in cans unless landlords come out and stand four square behind the tenant in Wirral – something they don’t need to do in Liverpool

Of course reader if you know that your council is seeking to recover the DHP paid to exempt pre 1996 tenants as a result of their cock-up please do let me know!

One final thought. Wirral is where Esther McVey has her constituency, the same McVey who is a DWP minister, yes the same DWP that says recovery of a DHP in these circumstances is highly legally dodgy.

Yet the Labour Party in Wirral have taken a position to the right of Esther McVey!

What a bunch of spineless councillors Wirral has eh reader!




8 thoughts on “Liverpool Council is NOT recovering DHP paid to pre 1996 exempt tenants

  1. At least one LA is 🙂 about time but we must NOTE this is NOT the majority it’s very much in the minority, many posts about this on my groups at present!! another one deliberately left for LAs to decide their own fate, any NON Conlib LAs have a far better chance of it all being repaid, also note I have knowledge of one paying it back BUT only into the RA as a credit not as cold hard cash in the way that it was paid in !!! We do collectively seem to be getting somewhere now but it’s still affecting many to many for something that’s media wide been declared “DEAD” don’t you think? – Still working hard to supply the correct information as unpopular as that may currently be – creditable source of information support, guidance to all BT affected tenants 🙂

  2. Joe i contacted my landlord in the wirral yesterday, to ask if they were going to refund me, they said they would refund me the money i had paid in while waiting for my DHP to be awarded, i asked if they had received invoices from WMC to reclaim the DHP back they said yes, but they were not sending the invoices back to WMC as yet, my brother who also had the same op as me couple years back ( pancreatic tumour) also contacted the same landlord and asked for a refund as he was 1996 exempt, as he had paid the bedroom tax himself without DHP he was told that he would get £947 refunded, but was told not to spend it before he got it? just incase when they refunded it back to him in a couple of weeks, he may be in arrears?

  3. Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    Some things are worth fighting for – every cut and policy against the ordinary Mr and Mrs Bloggs from this thieving excuse for a government is worth the fight! We won’t let them win!

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