Disney Politics in IDS and Cameron…I’ve got no strings (of lies) to hold me down

IDS lambasted the BBC over its alleged negative reporting of his baby the welfare reforms says the Daily Fail in article that sees Cameron make the biggest lie ever in order to defend IDS. …So just who is the monkey and who is the organ grinder? Or more aptly who is pulling the others strings?

The Mail Online has the huge banner headline we have come to expect from this highly credible and perpetually factual comic: –

” ‘Relentlessly negative’ BBC is a bigger enemy of welfare reform than Labour, says IDS”

And then hammers home the coalition propaganda in its inimitable way with

Iain Duncan Smith launched strongly-worded attack on corporation

  • Accused BBC of being a ‘bigger opponent’ of welfare reform than Labour

  • MP reacted in fury when BBC led criticisms of Government benefit changes

  • ‘Who is the biggest opponent of welfare reform? Not a weak Labour Party but the relentlessly negative BBC’ he said”

The notion that the BCC is a bigger opponent of welfare reform than the Labour Party brings a wry smirk given the validity in that, though it could be said that Genghis Khan was further to the left than the don’t-dare-say-a-word-against-welfare-else-we-wont-get-elected-weak-willed-lilly-livered-Her-Majesty’s-official-opposition Labour Party…and then that wry smile turns to outrage that such matters as political principles and being spineless is just as much an affront to democracy as despotism.

But then read the article which despite being full of sophistry is after all a Daily Fail piece so can’t assume an IQ of any more than minus 12 and the HUGE LIE of the Prime Minister jumps off the page and slaps you around the face with a wet fish: –

David Cameron said: ‘We’ve made serious savings in the welfare budget – something like £80 billion overall is the amount of money we’ve saved because we capped housing benefit.

£80 billion saving to and from Housing Benefit?

The Housing Benefit bill according to the official data published by DWP stood at £20.8bn per year at May 2010.  This is what the coalition ‘inherited’ from the ‘last lot’ in that tired cliché the coalition trot out whenever it suits.

The welfare reforms to Housing Benefit will save £2bn per year the coalition said in June 2010 as I reported here back in 2011:

Housing Benefit reforms were first outlined very soon after this coalition took office in May 2010.  The extract below from the July 2010 Housing Benefit Digest issued by the DWP explains:

The Chancellor announced a package of Housing Benefit (HB) reforms in his Budget statement on 22 June. It is the most significant and comprehensive reform programme for HB since the scheme was introduced in the 1980s. The background is the budget deficit and the reductions in public expenditure that the Government is making to tackle it. Ministers are clear that the overall cost of HB, forecast to be around £20 billion this financial year, must be controlled and reduced. The package of reforms will save nearly £2 billion by 2014/2015. There are also important policy considerations around fairness and work incentives that lie behind the reforms”


So the coalition target for Housing Benefit was £18 billion per year.

It is now £23.5 billion per year so the HB bill has increased by £3bn per year despite the cuts to HB and is also £5 billion per year over the coalition’s own set target.  Yet David Cameron is saying his and IDS’s welfare reforms have saved the housing benefit bill £80 billion.

Now there are mistakes, memory lapses, things you think you know, little white lies and then there are lies so big that Pinocchio blushes.  Even if the Daily Fail meant to report that Cameron said £8 billion not £80 billion or misprinted that at £80 billion not £8 billion then Pinocchio would still be blushing but Geppetto IDS is clearly pulling the PM’s strings. Now why is that? What does IDS hold over snake oil salesman Cameron?


Those of you who have seen the Disney version will recall Pinocchio is led astray by Foulfellow and Gideon (above and how apt reader?) – and to a life of debauched smoking, drinking and gambling reminiscent of a certain Bullingdon Club

Though the idea of the BBC as the conscience of truth around welfare reform matters resembles the song and dance of Jiminy Cricket rather than Jiminy Cricket himself



The BBC reported the IDS and McVey line that the bedroom tax…oops slap my own wrist….the spare room subsidy was a roaring success as it saw 6% of social tenants move and despite the fact that in all years of the previous decade 7% moved each year which meant the bedroom tax only had the effect of LESS social tenants downsizing!!

I resisted the temptation for character pics for McVey..but only because I couldn’t decide whether Wicked Witch of the West or Cruella de Ville was most apt …and the reality is she is every female cartoon villain rolled into one.

Yet McVey and IDS both benefit massively from this cult of personality and there is a serious political point here.  The more they are villainised by social media the higher the office they have attained and the higher the influence they have.  Both McVey and IDS court this villainy and the upshot of this is that (a) the Tory party lurches to the right (b) the rise of UKIP in the polls happens as the Tories can’t move too far right quickly enough for its grassroots fascisti; (c) the Labour Party lurches ever more to the right, even of Blair with a strategy of don’t dare say a word against the welfare reforms as Joe Public will say we are soft on the cost to the public purse of welfare spend.

The irony is not lost that the BBC is a harder voice on the efficacy of the welfare reforms as the Labour Party is mute on this issue when it should be moot

In short the Labour Party has fallen right into the Tory trap that IDS set for them and McVey simply keeps that strategy in the electorates eye as after all the UK electorate so belove a strong woman who talks b*ll*cks and this one is a miracle worker too as all disabled people get better she said in yet another fairy tale worthy of Disney.

Finally, and back to my usual tack of using boring old facts reader, the claimed £80 billion savings on Housing Benefit that Cameron claims in this article.  Look here for the detailed facts that reveal the overall welfare bill is up by £18.5 billion per year despite this coalition’s welfare reforms aiming to reduce it.

My apologies to Disney fans everywhere…though Foulfellow and Gideon as well as a puppet and puppetmaster and strings of lies…hmmmm!



7 thoughts on “Disney Politics in IDS and Cameron…I’ve got no strings (of lies) to hold me down

  1. so it’s ‘OK’ to call sick/disabled/jobless skivers, scroungers et al (their hateful rhetoric has been plugged via the red tops), however, woe betide anyone that criticises the Tories! They are true do as I say and not as I do parasites!

  2. the only reason now the bbc may speak out is that one of the news team there is now understanding very late in the day that many sick and disabled have died of which up till now he wasn’t able to confirm

    many that have died have not been reported by the bbc and that’s a fact and will remain so
    As for IDS and co getting away with this remains uncertain as it’s the biggest story that has yet to be told by the bbc and as it’s so big in it’s compilation of names that have died running in to many thousands it’s going to take a very brave person to put it all together for broadcasting

    this website only lists a few that have died and just by reading it you will see that it’s going to take many years to unravel as to what has gone on and today on what’s going on as the deaths still continue


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