Gonads to the spare room subsidy? The lady doth protest too much?

This is a short post but a genuinely serious one.  About 5 minutes ago I log on to Facebook to see pictures of a demonstration against the bedroom tax today in Wirral.

Not a large demonstration and a peaceful one yet a police officer decided that a t-shirt worn by one of the protestors was somehow offensive.

Here is that t-shirt:



I was not on the demo but I have the same t-shirt which was given to me over a year ago when I spoke to a grassroots anti bedroom tax group in Wirral and I am proud to have one and I like it and thought…yes it was the dog’s bollocks when I first saw it but (genuinely) I shrank it in the wash so yes I really bollocksed up that simple task didn’t I?

I wonder if McVey, yes Wirral is her constituency, had worn a t-shirt with the Spare Room Subsidy is the dog’s bollocks on it would they have had the same response from the police? Ok enough of that reader I don’t want to put imagery of dog’s bollocks on McVey’s chest …

So what is offensive about the word bollocks?  Yes that’s a serious question. If the t-shirt merely said “bollocks” on it would a police officer or a member of the general public think it offensive?  I doubt it as how many t-shirts do we see with I’m with this fucking idiot written on them with a large finger pointing left or right below such wording?

Surely the word fuck is far more offensive than the word bollocks?

The context here was this was a march to the council offices to hand in appeals on behalf of vulnerable people who have been shafted by the pernicious bedroom tax and the exact same has been done many times before to Wirral Council and with many others wearing the exact same t-shirt.

I have been on a few marches wearing my bollocks to the bedroom tax t-shirt in the past and will continue to do so.  I may decide to wear a Frack Off t-shirt or may choose to wear one with a picture of the the 45 rpm single (yes explain that to your children dear reader!) The W*nkers Song by Ivor Biggun and the Red Nosed Burglars should I see fit.  Are we not allowed to protest any more?  Note well I loved the Clash in my youth and did have a White Riot t-shirt though God forbid what would happen if I wore it on a march! In my youth I rightly thought the Sex Pistols were crap so I never had a Never Mind the Bollocks t-shirt.

A 2 minute google search reveals that bollocks was first used in the Wycliffe bible of 1382 just a mere 632 years ago and just for good measure there was a case taken against the Sex Pistols in 1977 a mere 37 years ago that the Never Mind the Bollocks album cover was obscene – the case was lost and it was ruled not to be obscene.  In fact to those of a certain age John Lydon advertising butter on TV is frankly more obscene

In the end the lady wearing the t-shirt was ordered to cover it up else be arrested by the police officer and she was kindly given a hi-vis jacket by a friend to wear.

hivis bollocks

So apparently glow in the dark goolies to the bedroom tax is acceptable!



5 thoughts on “Gonads to the spare room subsidy? The lady doth protest too much?

  1. Bollocks to that I say 🙂

    Now seriously when did we loose our ability to either in word or image protest our beliefs in this country ? never that I am aware off!! (I am sure I shall be corrected otherwise by a anon here-in who knows better than I).

    What worries me most in this is, irrespective of the cause! is just where do repeated instances like this actually leave us the general public? who wish to protest, to show our discust or to simply back up in numbers terms a rally! so that being the case, is it correct that a Police officer anywhere can dictate to us on said rally or protest what we wear!! ? of course it’s not, anymore than they can insist on what colour of bra and knickers she wears! I can tell one and all, that should it EVER happen to MY OH/who is also my carer btw I would be counter suing for harassment, and anything else I/we could (Ps a wee phone call to the fashion Police wouldn’t go as miss either I am sure 🙂 ) or at a pinch, Gok Wan for that matter as I would like to think they collectively would support such a situation.

    All I have to add upon leaving this heavy handed, seriously out of hand and fairness, is that last I looked this was and is a FREE country allowing us our say and protest in which ever way we deem to be acceptable, I presume the whole ethos behind this one case was that it was a very small protest and the Police person involved was quite simply bored or something hence decided to act in this manner for their own gratification, as if not it must surely be matters far more serious that would warrant suspension pending an enquiry as to be so serious as to be treated as such, officers on such duties CANNOT & SHOULDNOT have any public display of support or Otherwise otherwise we have automatically lost all battles before they have begun, this requires a full and frank investigation by whatever dept do so with-in the Police, and dependent upon it’s outcome, possibly further investigation at a higher level, and the “officer” should be suspended (WITHOUT PAY) pending the outcomes also, this it is hoped would prevent such occurrences from being repeated, after the Westminster-gate fiasco a shot while ago, I truly think that this only proves that certain officers are willing to break all and any law to suit their own agenda.

    This is not good news and MUST stop now, let’s hope the offending stations chief takes the appropriate steps, although I doubt it……………

    Having spent years campaigning as regards to bedroom tax and still am today supplying the most up to date information available to help, assist and guide those affected by this heinous tax on the most vunerable in society BUT during this time have equally been as strong as possibly against Riots, or any form of either lawful or dislawful disruption, unable to justify the end result in my mind, recalling recent riots in both London and the south but a few years back, where a legitimate cause created a riot situation which simply got so far out of hand, but all the way through it was primarily PRIVATE innocent members of the public whose hard earned or worked for property that was actively being lost, whether that be a car, house or business, and all the way throw the horrendous Tv news reports upon it, I was thinking “poor folk” and how could the innocent be attacked in this fashion?? and it has only just clicked my friends when I read instances like this, suddenly I understand, not saying I am going out tomorrow to join any particular group, I am not already in nor run BUT only that I both understand and symaphise is all, and I am positive I shall not be alone in fact far from it, the more of this type of instance and the more, riled and rattled folk become, and the more rattled they become, the more they demand justice, and of course that takes us right back to the start of my post, by all accounts.

    I shall conclude now by stating that thank the lord I live around 100mls N and again South of our nearest large city so doubt we would be involved in any future street or city battles thankfully, and can only pray now for all those who are not, I have to say I doubt a repeat of London is that far off now !!! sad as that is you can ONLY push so far before the goodness in folk breaks and then??? well your guess is as good as mine but it won’t be prettyni think it’s fare to say !! let’s all hope not mind as many folk have still not gotten over the last one …..

    Thank the lord for “Scottish Independance” and a resounding “Yes” vote is what I pray for !

    http://www.facebook.com/btukhomeswapforum “The first original and best BT community to date on Facebook for info, support and guidance for all affected by it “

  2. I like neither but am not averse to using them when the occasion calls – which over the past 4+ years has been an awful lot.
    If I were ever told by the police to cover up a t-shirt with the word bollocks on, I’d tell them where to go and quote the case of the Sex Pistols (who where absolutely awful).
    There are too many jobsworths coming up for air when they should stay down with the rest of the slime in the ponds!

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