Bedroom Tax – huge INTER and INTRA regional impacts

When anyone asserts that the bedroom tax does this or does that they are talking through their backsides!!

  • No MP or ANY political party
  • No social landlord wherever they are based
  • No Chief Executive of any social landlord
  • No housing lobby such as CIH or NHF
  • No journalist whether in the Guardian, Telegraph or Inside Housing
  • No tenant
  • No housing consultant / campaigner / activist / blogger (ahem!!)
  • Not even the most reputable research organisation or think tank such as JRF et al…

…can say definitively that the bedroom tax impacts are X Y or Z and this is due to the massive and hugely different impacts from London to the North West (INTER regionally) and the massively different impacts within regions (INTRA regionally) such as this simple table of FACT reveals.

The table is a simple one I devised in ten minutes from yesterdays official release of the Housing Benefit data which says how many households are affected by the bedroom in each area.These are the official figures and the official FACTS

One quick point of the many this simple FACTUAL data reveals is that in the North West we see:

  • 1 in 11 social housing tenants on HB is hit by the bedroom tax in Blackpool YET
  • 1 in 2 social housing tenants on HB  in Copeland hit by the bedroom tax

Staggering differences occur all over the country in every region that has to mean the chances of downsizing or any other bedroom tax impact is RADICALLY different not just between regions or inter regionally but within each region or intra regionally.

  • In the North East we see twice as many affected in County Durham as in Darlington
  • In Wales its 1 in 7 in Conwy yet 1 in 3 social tenants on HB in Blaenau Gwent
  • In Scotland 1 in 7 in Perth yet 1 in 3 in West Lothian
  • In Yorkshiire and the Humber its 1 in 9 in Harrogate yet almost 1 in 3 in Doncaster
  • In the East Midlands its 1 in 11 in Blaby yet almost 1 in 3 in Corby
  • In the South West there are twice the number hit by the bedroom tax in North Somerset than in Bournemouth
  • In London its just 1 in 20 in Westminster yet almost 1 in 7 social tenants on HB in Lambeth
  • In the South East its just 1 in every 16 social tenants On HB in Mole Valley yet 1 in 5 in Basingstoke



The above data reveals so much more and so many more areas of investigation such as why did LB Westminster with the lowest percentage of bedroom tax affected households get the highest amount of DHP per person?  And so many more.

However that’s for another time and I’ve kept this very simple just to demonstrate that nobody can be definitive as to the bedroom impacts as they vary significantly INTRA REGIONALLY and impact very differently from one council to its next door neighbouring council

Time to rethink the bedroom tax once again reader!!


UPDATE 14:30PM 14th August

In response to a number of responses on Twitter I have added another figure below which is the percentage of social tenants on HB hit by the bedroom tax in Inner London.  Inner London has the lowest variance of any region ranging from Westminster at 5.17% to Lambeth at 13.32% yet even in this region with the LOWEST variance the marked intra regionally differences are significant.

The table below shows Haringey at 9.81% and Southwark at 12.10% and the significance of that is may not seem great yet in the amount of money that is taken out of each of the inner London boroughs in bedroom tax it is very significant indeed.  In Haringey it is £2.13m yet in Southwark with almost an identical number of overall HB claimants at circa 37,000 the figure is £3.78 million per year.

Thus a seemingly small percentage difference of 2.29% between Southwark at 12.1% and Haringey at 9.81% translates into a £1.65 million per year difference.

So imagine what this means for areas with a large percentage difference intra regionally and take two metropolitan councils in West Yorkshire in Wakefield and Kirklees.

  • Wakefield has 30,064 HB claimants of which 28.32% hit with the bedroom tax and £3.98m is taken out of the local economy due to the overall bedroom tax cut
  • Kirklees has 33,117 HB claimants so more than Wakefield yet it only has 12.32% hit by the bedroom tax taking £1.57m out of the local economy.

So the actual impact in money terms is more than double in Wakefield as it is in Kirklees and reveals a hugely significant difference.




3 thoughts on “Bedroom Tax – huge INTER and INTRA regional impacts

    1. Chris – that would need precise data from every RSL.

      What you can however deduce and work on a rule of thumb basis is two-thirds of bedroom tax affected households likely to be the stock transferred organisation (ie ex council housing). So these STOs will be far more exposed to arrears risks than larger RPs such as Riverside which have properties in 50+ or even 100+ local council areas

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