Housing subsidy – 9 times more for mansions than for all of social housing!

You know when you see a tweet on Twitter and you think….. subsidyrich hosuing ..hang on a second I though it was only social housing which was subsidised and full of scroungers taking thee mickey out of the ‘hardworking family’ and hardworking taxpayer… capital funding Oh I see now – so the 4 million households in social housing receive £1.125 billion per year in subsidy from the taxpayer while those who own mansions get NINE TIMES MORE in subsidy from the hardworking taxpayer then?


The source for the above is Figure 6 NAO Tax Reliefs report

One quick comment or thought dear reader – If the great and the good of social housing who have never challenged the assertion and pejorative repeated comments (often from mansion owing Tory politicians) that social housing is subsidised by hardworking taxpayers and is full of welfare dependent scumbags (ok you get the gist) then you realise why the social housing ‘sector’ couldn’t lobby their way out of a wet paper bag and are not fit for purpose as they fail to advocate and promote their own industry which every other person in every other job does!!

Gift horse and mouth = silence not SHOUTING from the social housing sector!

8 thoughts on “Housing subsidy – 9 times more for mansions than for all of social housing!

  1. Reblogged this on gingerblokeblog and commented:
    Ahhh, but who is putting money in to the system and making this country what it is? have you thought about that? Because it certainly isn’t the nation’s mil/billionaires, they can afford tax “advisors” to ensure that they pay as little a percentage of their income as possible.

  2. Direct and/or indirect subsidies, Joe? The capitial gains tax exemption is clearly a tax break a form of indirect subsidy. The rich get a tax break on there homes while some of the poor get a withholding tax commonly known as the bedroom tax!

    Subsidies are just one part of the financial picture of the ‘sector’, looking into the debt finance might start making the ‘sector’ “leaders”, the ‘sector’ ‘lobbyists’ and HA FDs feeling very anxious.

    1. The very simple point I’m making is that social housing and the social tenant is vilified as being a scrounger.

      Yet those who make that claim such as Tory MPs and supporter get far MORE in taxpayer subsidy for their housing.

      Just one simple factual point

  3. I agree with your point, Joe. Would it fair to say that some parts of social housing have been self accepting of vilification via apathy?

    Also would it fair to say that some parts of social housing been assisting in the vilification of social tenants?

    1. Not fair no – absolutely correct for ALL parts of social housing who have been negligent in the extreme at not proactively stating how good social housing is for the economy and the taxpayer as the £1.125 bn in initial capital subsidy it receives means the HB bill is over £4 bn per year lower…and social housing accommodates all the Sick, Old, Disabled and Supported tenants (the SODS) that the private rented sector cant, wont or refuses to accommodate

  4. Its time to remember that council housing is in profit despite the 70 billion leached by the “right to buy”……….private sector debt on mortgages is many trillions.

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