Closet racism endemic even to the Independent – that’s what UKIP tap in to!

Two days ago a staggering High Court judgment was handed down on a staggering case concerning LB Southwark and how appallingly and outrageously they had acted towards a tenant who was not only illegally evicted by the council but then had all his belongings destroyed, including his passport, and then the council conspired in an unlawful cover up, which the judge said may be a criminal cover up, to cover their tracks including obstructing the police and blatantly lying to councillors and obstructing them to.

Make no mistake this is an horrific case that even in a film would seem beyond credulity and I would urge anyone to read the full judgement as defy them not to utter the word ‘fuck’ repeatedly when they do.  Not only is it an outrageous case of illegal eviction, it is perhaps (and hopefully!) the worst case of absolute power corrupting absolutely I have read about a local council in decades.  Words such as outrage, scandal and the like just do not cut it.

Yet the issue I focus on here is how it has been reported in the press as that is a much bigger issue revealing closet and institutionalised racism even amongst the usual liberal Independent newspaper.

You see the issue – which should not be an issue at all – is the victim in this case known as AA was not born here and had a black face to boot.  Those facts are totally irrelevant to this legal case and totally irrelevant to just how outrageously and unlawfully the council acted.

The Independent’s headline was

Judge blasts Southwark Council for evicting Sudanese tenant and destroying all of his possessions

Note the Sudanese bit and take that word out of the headline and is says exactly the same thing.

Then look at how the Independent – of all papers – begins with its opening paragraph:

Housing officers conspired to unlawfully evict a Sudanese refugee from his council flat and destroy his possessions, including memory sticks holding thousands of hours of work, before then covering up their wrongdoing, a judge has ruled.

An outrageous case of fact but marred by the words “Sudanese refugee” which is replaced with the word “tenant” again says exactly the same thing.  Yet this is no politically correct rant or any other such nonsense as look at what the second paragraph in this shameful Independent article says:

The victim, who was granted British citizenship after fleeing Sudan’s civil war in 1985, was made homeless for a year and forced to sleep on the streets after officials acting for Southwark Borough Council entered his home while he attended a court hearing in April last year over rent arrears of £18 per week.

So the victim has been a BRITISH CITIZEN FOR 29 YEARS and again watch what happens when I take out that reference which of course has been downplayed as this victim is Johnny Foreigner despite being a British citizen for 29 years and so is by truly offensive inference less of a victim for that.

The victim[OMITTED] was made homeless for a year and forced to sleep on the streets after officials acting for Southwark Borough Council entered his home while he attended a court hearing in April last year over rent arrears of £18 per week.

The wording has exactly the same meaning and IF the offensive and racist references to his ethnicity and circumstances of 29 years ago had been omitted would have made this front page news.  Ask yourself if this man had been born with a white face and born in London how you would have reacted to the third, fourth and fifth paragraphs which give some detail and how much more outrage you would have over this case

All his possessions, including his passport, credit cards, furniture and computer equipment containing several years of research and personal material, were removed on the day of the eviction and destroyed in a waste disposal facility.

In a swingeing ruling, a High Court judge found that housing officers entered into a conspiracy to “harm” the man, known only as AA, by securing his eviction from his flat in Peckham, south London, and then conceal their actions from investigators.

Judge Anthony Thornton QC said: “The various officers conspired to evict AA by unlawful means, to seize and destroy his possessions by unlawful means and to cause him harm and loss by evicting him and dispossessing him of his possessions.”

The judge goes on to say the council officers who were named too adopted a policy of “eviction at all costs” and committed staggering abuses of their power and “They each acted with the intention of harming AA by evicting him when there were no reasonable grounds for evicting him and by arranging for his possessions to be seized and destroyed unlawfully”

But hey he has a black face and isn’t Somalia a bi close to Wagga Wagga Land where they have that Ebola which is going to wipe out all us good white folk?

Scandalous reporting Independent! Will you be advising your readers to elect Farage in 7 months time?


Please take the time to read the full judgment which is here and in the immortal words of Farage (and copied by Teresa May) “I kid you not” when I say you will be muttering “fuck” and many variants of that when you read just HOW outrageous this case is.



8 thoughts on “Closet racism endemic even to the Independent – that’s what UKIP tap in to!

  1. I read the whole judgement, which made me swear quite a bit – but for reasons different from yourself.
    Yes, they should never have destroyed his things and they should be punished for this.
    But this AA is a chancre and has been to court so many times for so many other things that I cannot say he’s a victim. He has tried to claim money from so many people over the years, he wanted millions from this case as well as from a previous case.
    No, I have no sympathy at all for this man – he’s got some money via a settlement and he’ll try it on again and again and again…
    I’m sorry, but people like him disgust me!

  2. Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    The paper should never have stated his race or his first country, nothing to do with the case at all.
    It’s only when you read about AA in the full judgement that you realise just how awful this con artist is!

  3. I really do get weary of the times I hear the term ‘racist’ attached to UKIP. For heaven’s sake, we are not racist ~ but then, anyone who raises a question on immigration is branded a racist. When are people going to open their eyes and their minds to the reality this country is facing. The EU is ruining us. Wake up Britain ~ we’re going down the drain.

  4. I find your information about the Bedroom Tax cases most helpful as I am involved in fighting the stupid cruelty of its implementation. We have just lost a first appeal as they would not consider relevant and important facts. We are about to appeal to the next layer.

    However I now have cause to doubt the truthfulness of your reports. You say that UKIP is racist which ignores the fact that UKIP has Muslim, gay and West Indian MEPs. Until recently the Chairman of my own UKIP Branch was a Muslim and we still have Muslim UKIP Councillors on 2 Parish Councils in our area.

    If you have any intelligence you will know that UKIP’s concern is about “Space” not “Race”. We need to control (NOT STOP) immigration so that the infrastructure (Schools, hospitals, housing etcetera ) can support the people already here.

    If you have any integrity you will stop these dishonest attacks on UKIP for policies they do not have.

    UKIP’s policy (as announced at its recent conference) is to abolish the Bedroom Tax

    which makes your attacks on UKIP idiotic as well as ill-informed.

    Best wishes,

    Denis Allen

    UKIP Councillor

    Sent from Windows Mail

  5. Cllr Allen, This is not the forum to discuss whether UKIP is racist or not though I strongly believe it is. I will give you that UKIP was the first party to say they would abandon the bedroom tax but your ‘space’ versus ‘race’ idea is ridiculous.

    The UK has 9% of its land built on and 91% is not – that 9% includes all roads too not just housing. The entire world population could stand side by side in East Anglia. There is more space given over to golf courses than there is to housing in the UK.

    Yet the biggest issue with ‘space’ versus ‘race’ is the nonsense UKIP peddle over the EU immigrant. The numbers of EU migrants here equates to the number of Brits residing in the EU so ban them or limit them which is UKIP policy would see a tit-for-tat event meaning same number of people here and still leaving the same pressures on education, NHS (which you want to privatise) and all other public services.

    PS Why do you assume that Muslims cannot be racist?
    PS1 What the hell has sexual orientation to do with racism?
    PS2 Please advise why West Indians cannot be racist?
    PS3 UKIP first announced the abolition of the bedroom tax as policy in February 2013 not at this years conference
    PS4 Idiotic and well informed? Ahem!

  6. Bournemouth road housing offices have a reputation for racism that most Southwark council staff are aware of but it is so bad that they are frightened to investigate. councillor Robin Hilton was thrown against the wall when she tried to enter the building to meet a resident that had been assaulted (thrown over the reception desk) for attempting to prove that the receptionist had ignored him and not informed the officer that he was waiting. Her punishment for interfering was that a crack dealer was allocated housing opposite her and he would intimidate her whenever she tried to attend a council meeting. The police began to investigate but they are also corrupt and when she reported a detective for making innapropriate advances towards her, he claimed that she was the one that made sexual advances against him and attempted to discredit her. An ombudsman case for the resident involved contained indisputable evidence of corruption in the housing office but for some reason the ombudsman chose to ignore it and said it was an external matter that was not her concern.
    So what do you do when the police are corrupt, the ombudsman is weak, legal aid is not available and council executives are too busy counting their money and accumulating pensions before someone notices that the localism act says they should be replaced by committee?
    Southwark council stinks and the reaction to complaints of this nature are surprise and shock as if nothing like this has ever happened before. Usually the “complaints officer” will be the person being complained about and other departments cooperate to cover the crimes up. Destroying data is the ultimate tool they use as they can then deny that the complainant has had any business with the council at all. Any new staff that begin legitimate investigations are soon bullied into cooperation so there is no way to lift the lid on this. No single member of the housing team can allocate housing or initiate evictions, They all have to agree to any action in a meeting so they are all as bad as each other. They should all be sacked but as there is an agreement to pay £10,000 to all staff leaving with a grievance the council cannot afford to go near them.

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