I hate lies, try facts (2) – The EU and migration – as many Brits abroad as EU nationals here

There are as many British people living in the 28 EU countries as there are EU citizens from these 28 countries living in Britain.

So lets ban EU nationals from living here as UKIP et al want and send them back to these 28 countries.

Then these 28 countries send back the Brits living there and guess what we still have exactly the same number of people in the UK!

All we have achieved is pissing off 28 countries with whom collectively we have the majority of our trade with.

What a great plan this is eh reader!!

Here are the damn pesky facts which spoil the UKIP and Tory arguments and which have led to mass hysteria in the gutter press and all other media in the UK as they dance to the tune of Farage.




3 thoughts on “I hate lies, try facts (2) – The EU and migration – as many Brits abroad as EU nationals here

  1. Not only this Joe, but the demographics mean that we would be sending home productive young workers and getting back more older retirees as a proportion.


  2. I am not arguing with you Joe, but why is it that national and local governments always blame immigration for their short fall in social housing the infrastructure and jobs, if what your figures state even the minimum houses that have been built should have given us a surplus. the NHS should have no waiting lists and there should be a job surplus. Someone some where is telling porkies about the amount of illegals getting into the country.

  3. ALL governments blame immigrants as they are easy targets.

    ALL governments allude to those here illegally too and in full knowledge any such number can never be proven

    It is all a game yet when the FACTS are looked act those often offensive, often racist, often pandering to closet racist views, often jingoism about the immigrant serves a politicl vote winning purpose.

    Yet underneath there is no difference in principle between Farage and Cameron blaming the immigrant and Hitler blaming the Jew. It is the same inherent racism just Farage et al not allowed to gas or kill them.

    This coalition blame everyone else – like all governments do – yet have taken it to a new level. Its the fault of benefit claimants as ALL of them are portrayed to be scroungers and conveniently ignoring the FACT that £2 in every £3 of the welfare benefit spend goes to the pensioner.Its the fault of immigrants without whom there would be no massive housing shortfall (rather than ALL govts of last 30 years and more not building houses).

    This govt always blame ‘the last lot’ and the last lot let the HB bill run out of control yet the FACTS again prove it rose 78% in 13 year under Labour, 116% in the 6 year under Major and 642% in the 10/11 years under Thatcher. Pesky facts disprove the myths and cut through the political spin and bullshit – just as they do with the EU ‘immigrant’ who is just the latest in a long line of somebody else to blame

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