Why Farage should be FACT off

Farage is a snake oil salesman that for some reason the British electorate take at his word as is evident in opinion polls emerging last night that UKIP has 19% or almost one in five of the popular vote.  Farage is a one-trick pony and everything is the fault of the EU and the EU immigrant.  The EU has flooded or swamped poor old Blighty.  Yet the facts prove otherwise:

Is EU immigration a problem?

There are as many British people living in the 28 EU countries as there are EU citizens from these 28 countries living in Britain. Farage wont tell you this of course but the facts do and instead he promotes a line of lets ban EU nationals from living and send them back to these 28 countries.  Of course these 28 EU countries would play tit for tat and send back the Brits living there and we still have exactly the same number of people in the UK! So much for Polish plumbers or Romanian hop pickers stealing all our jobs.

All we have achieved is pissing off 28 countries with whom collectively we have the majority of our trade with. Here are the damn pesky facts which spoil the UKIP and Tory arguments and which have led to mass hysteria in the gutter press and all other media in the UK as they dance to the tune of Farage.

Is the EU a problem?

Those burghers in Brussels telling us what to do all the time is the essence of the UKIP message.  Now we see Cameron fearful for his political life stating – and yes actions do speak louder than words – that the EU can bugger off asking for £1.7bn more.  This all plays into the EU as bogey man myth and an organisation that dictates to us and to our sovereignty that emotive word which laughingly presumes the UK has any power to go it alone in the global economy.  (As an aside quickly search on “Bretton Woods” an international finance agreement the UK signed  in 1944 and any semblance of sovereignty was lost then)

So what does the EU do for us?  The following came on Twitter last night and note the provenance of this which is British business, the Office of National Statistics and the Treasury.   The vast majority of our trade is done with the EU which is what the Eurosceptics always say it was intended for in the first place, which of course the Eurosceptics simply try to brush off.  Notice too how suitably vague they are when questioned what happens to British trade should we pull out of the EU and what impact this will have on jobs which in turn affect every town, city, community and individual Brit.


The above simple but stark graphic is what Farage doesn’t want the British public to see or know.

Personally I am very and unashamedly  Pro-EU which is not what you hear or read many admit to and purely because it is in the best interests of the UK to be in the EU based on a consideration of fact and not propaganda and myth spread by Farge, UKIP or the Daily Mail.  There are plenty of anti-EU persons in all major political parties of the left as well as the right and everyone should make up their own minds based on fact and not on the propaganda of the likes of UKIP.

Instead of simply believing whatever snake oil salesman like Farage says about good old Blighty being swamped or deluged with Johnny Foreigner look at fact and seek it out. Instead of straight bananas and all the huff and puff of the Daily Mail and others all aimed at painting the EU as crackpots and interfering so and so’s ask why this came about – which was to protect the banana crop our and the French former colonies in the West Indies against the dollar banana plantations of Ecuador, Costa Rica and elsewhere.

One final point.  Free movement.  That means we can retire or life and work in Spain or France or Italy or wherever, it is a two-way street.  It means nationals from the other EU28 can come and work here or retire here should they wish.  Free movement is one of the so called ‘four freedoms’ of the movement of goods, services, capital and people that was enshrined in our law in the 1986 Single European Act.

The Prime Minister then was Thatcher that well known lover of all things European! The PM adored by Farage and Cameron who raced this through the UK Parliament. The only positive policy she ever did.


6 thoughts on “Why Farage should be FACT off

  1. ill admit that when my bungalow was renovated by the housing association i am with, back in 2009, i got pretty irate about the EU daring to lay a law down that a cooker (table top model) had to have its hotplates level with the work surfaces. being disabled, unable to lift pans/dishes out of normal ovens without risk of injury, i had bought the table top model to eliminate that. i needed the grill/oven to be where IIIIIII needed it. not some faceless wonder who had never met me or even knew of me. i fought my corner, got social services aids and adaptations involved and it ended up being 50/50. half above half below the surface level.its worked ok. now though, 5 years later,i understand a lot more about the EU & UN and know we need them.especially the EU courts of human rights and the trade.without those Britain is doomed.

  2. here Here well said my man my thoughts and understandings EXACTLY for once I 100% agree with you (its usually about 75% 😜) a UK ruled by Farage as I openly stated last week doesn’t bear thinking about however retiring to Spain, France or Italy does however 😀 (re-posted to all my relevant groups)

  3. Really think Farage or Cameron want to stop foreign workers coming to the UK? The bigger the available work force the lower the wages employers can pay. If you look at the employment website for people wanting to work in other countries, which is run by the European Commission, , you’ll see that.

    : https://ec.europa.eu/eures/eures-apps/betajobsearch/page/main#/simpleSearch

    of the 1,490,446 vacancies advertised on the site today, over 51%, 728,357 are in the UK. Swapping the EU workers here now for the Brits now living elsewhere in the EU would mean we would just be exchanging foreign workers for mainly retired Brits.
    Anyone who’s tried working abroad will also know that, you will need to be able to speak the local language for practically everything you need or you’ll have to pay for translation services, On every form/letter sent out by local councils & Government it tells us that it’s also available in one of 12 different languages and if I don’t speak any of them, they will arrange for a translation into that language too. I’m not complaining about it, it should be ike that throughout the EU but it’s not exactly the actions of a Government that wants to deter immigration.

    1. I think you will find particularly in the three countries mentioned speaking UK – English would NOT be a hurdle and in most countries worldwide English is known if not spoken by many ! My younger brother 28 yrs back went to Mallorca he has never come back he loves it, as he says it’s not that much different to the UK other than in one major way, your on the dole in the sun over there………. He works hard seasonally and lives off the Spanish equivalent of our dole through the winter, works well for him and many many others there is a very large ex pat community there and in various locations throughout Spain !!

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