A year in pictures – ones that tell a thousand IDS lies

Let’s start with the regrettably seasonal-only bonhomie we have for those roofless and homeless


Soon to be followed by those soon to find out what Universal Credit really means – Yes just another one of IDS’s lies

uc orwell


Quickly followed by another IDS lie

HB£ under coalition act v budget


And another one – all those scroungers in full time work on pay so low they qualify for full housing benefit which serves to subsidise low paying employers to the tune of £5.4 billion per year – was £2.6bn in May 2010

You may like the one below as it shows that there are more people in work claiming Housing Benefit that there are not in work claiming dole – Those in work needing to claim HB due to low pay UK has increased by over 60% since IDS took over from “the last lot!”

working unemployed hb claimants


And of course IDS tells us the ‘burgeoning’ Housing Benefit crisis – you know the one that actual FACTS prove this welfare reforms (bedroom tax, benefit cap etc) cost the taxpayer MORE

IDS record on welfare cuts – Yes it’s up 13% on his watch!



The two linked below show Inner London tenants being exported to Outer London – the Housing Benefit diaspora in Central London with all the plebs being moved further and further afield

Outer london Hb claimants since election to may 14

Notice despite the fact HB claimants have decreased in total number and that London is having such a great boom in its economy that ALL outer London boroughs show MORE claiming HB…whereas in inner London

innerlondon hb claimant count may10 to may 14

And below is all of those welfare scroungers – Yes more than £2 in every £3 of welfare benefit goes to the pensioner.  How nice of IDS to call all benefit recipients scroungers and politically brave too as they make up 40% plus of the voting electorate!




Yes before you ask they are IDS’s own figures! As are the ones below from June this year … as IDS himself confirms in September this year below





A bit more subtle this one.  IDS says £20m of DHP was returned by local councils therefore we must have set aside enough DHP for bedroom tax.  IDS’s DWP gave all local councils £55m in 2013/14 in bedroom tax DHP and they spent….oh 50% more than that at £80.8m on the bedroom tax (RSRS = Removal Spare Room Subsidy)

Felt I had to include this subtle lie from IDS they are a novelty…most are outright whopping corker of lies – But while talking of DHPs here’s you chance of getting one

dhp-bedroomtax chance

Yes that’s right LB Westminster – Tory controlled obviously – got bedroom tax DHPs equivalent to 169% of the bedroom tax cut…. £4.4m they received in total DHP and then spent just £101k on bedroom tax DHPs.  They received £1.7m in bedroom tax DHP and spent just £101k on it!

Oh and for completeness here is how many local councils included DLA as income – 78% and yes notice its from the DWP too so IDS, Freud and the rest cant say they know nothing of this!!

dlaasincomefor DHP


Remember that Housing Benefit has increased in real terms and that’s after the cuts made in bedroom tax and in the benefit cap and IDS calling them all scroungers taking all that money off the state…Oh hang on where does all that money go?…..


































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