Bedroom Tax and wider ‘welfare reform.’ What the NHF and IH are not telling you!

Are the National Housing Federation and Inside Housing truly incompetent, pro coalition or simply conspiring to defraud the reality of the impacts of welfare reform (sic) – or is it all of these?

The NHF have released a report today called Welfare Reform Impact Assessment Final Report and IH have dutifully and as usual sycophantically reported their spiel which is titled “Financial impacts of bedroom tax mitigated but tenants struggle.”

NHF commissioned this report in August 2012 on note well ‘welfare reform’ yet only report on bedroom tax and Universal Credit.  The report does NOT look at the Benefit Cap and in June 2012 the DWP’s impact assessment (yes 2 months before this report commissioned!) said that 44% of those affected by the Benefit Cap live in…social housing!  How remiss of NHF not to commission research into the impact of the Benefit Cap reform!  How inconclusive ANY report into the impacts of welfare reform (sic) must be if it does NOT include the Benefit Cap impact!  How truly bizarre to include Universal Credit with its tiny drip drip roll out that affects so few tenants and NOT include the Benefit Cap which has had a 100% roll out!

IH – Interesting title with financial impacts of bedroom tax FOR LANDLORDS mitigated but tenant struggle!

IH, just like the NHF, fail to mention why this is the reality and concoct some vague and woolly self-congratulatory reasons such as landlords have significantly invested and worked hard blah blah blah.

What they 100% fail to mention is what I reported a few months back that social landlords have charged and received £200 million more in rent through the affordable (sic) rent programme and it is this additional income that has mitigated the bottom line for social landlords.  This £200m increase in revenue more than covers the additional rent arrears caused by the bedroom tax and that is the mitigation.

Note well too that this additional rent creamed off by social landlords in AR which comes from official figures of the social housing regulators SDR report in September, Inside Housing chose not to report on despite mentioning the report itself.  Something in isolation that could be seen as mere slovenly journalism.  Yet IH not reporting on anything that could possibly embarrass social landlords or indeed embarrass the government’s welfare reform policies is, regrettably, a consistent factor.

As for NHF do they really want to be sending the message that we have coped with the shit the government has thrown at us?  If so then prepare for a whole lot more!!  What an incredibly stupid message to send out and make no mistake by their bizarre selective inclusions and exclusions that is the message they are sending out.

Nice try by both NHF and IH to say and downplay “only” 1% of bedroom tax households have been evicted too.

Yet 1% is 5000 families – but hey landlords have mitigated that and this only affects tenants!!  What a lovely message to send out.  We are ok and frankly we don’t give a horse’s ass about tenants!!

Finally the NHF report says landlords are worried about direct payments, one of the welfare reforms still to come in which sees Housing Benefit paid direct to the tenant and not, as now, to the social landlord.  No wonder they are worried if they treat the tenants, which they call ‘customers’ in this disdainful and we couldn’t give a toss about them way!

The best that can be said is that this is incompetence writ large by NHF and extremely sycophantic and slovenly reporting by IH.  But hey it’s only mere tenants being shafted and most of them are ‘oop North’ anyway so don’t worry too much about it!!





11 thoughts on “Bedroom Tax and wider ‘welfare reform.’ What the NHF and IH are not telling you!

  1. Direct payment won’t be coming in any quantity anyway, it’s only a matter of time before UC implodes. IDS must be praying the Tories lose the election so he can claim it was all going great when he left and it’s Labour who’ve messed it up.

    1. UC rolling out in NW so Direct Payment here and the DP pilots revealed 6.6% of rent went unpaid or about 12/13 times that unpaid now (0.5%).

      IF Tories not removed from office (maj or new coalition) then expect massive UC increase in roll out – only yesterday Goldman Sachs predicting a Tory majority in May 2015.

      Expect the best but a huge need to plan for the worst!!

  2. “An average of 1% of those affected and in arrears” ambigous in wording. NHF claim arrears are mixed, if by mixed cases of historical and Bedroom Tax, Pure Bedroom tax, or historical only; or 1% of historical and bedroom tax arrears.

    Also another thing I thought about is this just from all evictions or just for lawful evictions?

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