Cameron lies on camera over bedroom tax. Watch tonight on ITV or see here

The Prime Minister David Cameron lies on camera about the bedroom tax. He is the Prime Minister and must know his own goverment’s policies and this is why he is lying and no other term such as mistaken or being economical with the truth is correct.  He lies, end of, no dispute.

What he says in the TV interview and click the link to it here is in relation to the bedroom tax generally and the Carmichael case is:

“It is a basic issue of fairness. You don’t get subsidised if you are renting privately.

Yet you DO get subsidised if you rent privately as that is how the private scheme works.  In the private scheme called Local Housing Allowance of LHA you receive up to a set amount based on your perceived need for a number of bedrooms.

Each council across the country has their own assessed LHA rate they pay out and in the case of Sefton where the Carmichaels live the LHA rate for a 1 bed housing need is £91.38 per week or £395.98 per calendar month as is shown below on the Sefton Council website.


Here is the key bit and why Cameron is lying.

The rate is set so if you are entitled to 1 bedroom then if you can rent a 2 bed property for £395 per month then you will be under occupying YET you will receive £395 per month in – as Cameron calls it – ‘subsidy.

There is no deduction and in the Carmichael’s case you will hear they are supposed to have a bedroom tax of £56 per month – a 14% deduction  – which means their monthly rent in social housing is £400 yet they receive £344 per calendar month.

They receive 15.1% less in ‘subsidy’ than a private tenant who pays less in rent.

Now the other matter is can you rent a 2 bed property nearby in the private sector for £395 per calendar month and yes you can as a quick check on rightmove or zoopla or other such site reveals there are many such properties available in the locality for this rate.  For example there are 44 currently advertised 2 bedroomed properties on offer in Sefton for £400 per calendar month or less.

There are even 13 currently advertised on rightmove 3 bedroom properties in Sefton for £400 pc or less too.

Yes that means the Carmichaels or any other household with a purported 1 bedroom need could rent a 3 bed property in the private sector in Sefton, have TWO allegedly spare bedrooms and still get 100% ‘subsidy’ as Cameron calls it.

So when the Prime Minister says:

You don’t get subsidised if you are renting privately.

He is lying



The same happens right across the UK with the exception of London and the South East and the odd pocket of high rent areas such as Trafford in the NW and York in Yorkshire.  The Sefton example above is the norm NOT the exception.  If you doubt this then use your local area and see for yourself.

Next door in neighbouring Liverpool there are 65 currently advertised 3 bed properties you can rent for £400 per month or less and you will get £395 or so per calendar month in LHA – the private sector ‘subsidy’ to live there and enjoy two spare bedrooms.

Though move to the social rented sector and for a calendar month there a 3 bed is roughly £400 per calendar month too yet you will only get £300 in ‘subsidy’ because it is a social housing property.

Cameron has lied about the bedroom tax many times before and in parliament too as I have reported here and here and here and here…and on many other occasions too.  He is an inveterate liar on the bedroom tax, its purported fairness and on Housing Benefit matters generally and he must be the only person who actually believes IDS on this as IDS has lied about the bedroom tax on literally hundred of occasions.

Here is a tiny sample of them.

I wont put links on to the many times Lord Freud, Steve Webb and Esther McVey (it’s ok I have had garlic today!) have all lied about the bedroom tax in parliament and in public.

However this all about fairness and all about bringing the social rented sector in line with the private rented sector, is, and always has been a load of political spin, or in lay terms bollocks, and a known lie by the Tory-led coalition to sell it on this fraudulent basis of ‘fairness.’  Time we put that matter to bed and time someone in the Labour Party got a dictionary out and looked up the word “Opposition!”



14 thoughts on “Cameron lies on camera over bedroom tax. Watch tonight on ITV or see here

  1. Just trying this again to see if it will be moderated: It seems in a previous post that under Universal Credit HB will be sanctioned also, yet on, Page 28, Chapter 3, Conditionality and sanctions, then Committment and Sanctions it says: “Having strong and clear sanctions are critical to incentivise benefit recipients to meet their responsibilities. Currently, we believe that some sanctions are set at too low a level and the consequences of failing to comply with requirements are not always clear. We will introduce a new sanctions structure to apply across Jobseeker’s Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance, and Income Support (as now, sanctions will not apply to associated benefits such as Housing Benefit).”

    Also, on, it says “Sanctions will not be applied to the whole Universal Credit award. Rather, it will apply only to the equivalet amount sanctioned under the current benefits system, so equivalent to Jobseeker’s Allowance or Employment and Support Allowance.”

  2. I personally know of several people renting privately who are ‘underoccupying’. My friend’s son, as an example, is renting a 3-bed flat and receives full LHA to cover it. I mentioned this on twitter and people can’t understand how it is possible!!
    ‘But surely he’s only entitled to 1 bedroom?’
    Trying to explain that LHA *is* an allowance is like trying to bang my head on a brick wall sometimes. But I persist!
    Pointing out that the LHA rate varies across the country is a point you’ve made well here, and one many people don’t realise. BedroomTax is just a straight percentage reduction, as you well know.
    I might be meeting Ed M tomorrow, so I’ll remind him to get real, and like you say, ‘oppose’!

    1. Please spell this out to Ed, Paul. We need him to tell Cameron and IDS the true facts – on TV, for all to see! As you say, you can try to explain it till you’re blue in the face, but people still believe this Tory rhetoric on bringing ‘fairness’ into our housing system.

  3. i live in a 3 bed council house for 24 yrs , i am married with a 24yr old desabled son and a 21 yr old daughter at universaty, my husband has worked most of his life but unfortunatly has lost his job , our council rent is £78 but even though we only recieve £135 p/w we have to pay £14.16 towards our rent because my son lives with us ( he is on ESA ) he cannot live on his own due to global delay – all round learning difficulties , if he lived on his own he would need a carer and he would get full housing benifit , if we move out and went private we would get roughly £130 p/w housing benifit – so someone please explain how the system is working because its only punishing us for having a disabled son at home!

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