HB diaspora as official figures reveal – Putin’s cleansing of Inner London

If you cant get out of London your benefit shyster then at least go to Outer London from Inner London


The coalition plan to move the housing benefit family


Since the May 2010 election to the latest HB figures released this week – the last before the General Election – the overall HB claimant count is up 2.78% nationally.  In London (all) the increase is 3.51% that is more than the nationally average.

Yet scratch the surface and see the difference between Inner London boroughs and Outer London boroughs.




You will see readily that half of Inner London Boroughs have reduced the numbers of HB claimants since the last election and by almost 10% in LB Westminster. Also that the 50% which have increased HB claimants none have done so to the overall London average of 3.51%

Now look at Outer London boroughs!



Notice any difference?

Yes just one Outer London borough has had a fall in HB claimants, Waltham forest and even then just 0.65%

The HB diaspora?  Conclusive evidence that Inner London boroughs are dumping their HB claimants in Outer London boroughs and that particularly LHA reform and benefit cap reform is seeing huge financial pressures being put on Outer London boroughs (health, education, etc) from Inner London boroughs.

A very Parisian model aimed at cleansing Inner London of the peasants so that Russian oligarchs can feel happier in Inner London!  And there was me thinking we imposed sanctions against Putin when the reality is Tory policy is akin to Putin sanctioning peasant cleansing in Inner London!



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