TW4 – That Was The Welfare Threatening Week That Was!

It’s been a busy week!

Read on

1. The bedroom tax doesn’t save a penny and INCREASES the taxpayer and public purse cost of housing benefit.

  • Cut through the bull and bluster from IDS as the DWP’s own official figures reveal it costs more than it saves
  • Can the voter understand that cuts and caps mean an INCREASE in cost?
  • The welfare reform policies simply do not work as the official figures prove!
  • UK taxpayer subsidises employers by £5.3 billion per year – more than the £4.3 billion it pays out in dole


Click here for the detailed explanation and the figures of FACT

2. The pensioner will no longer be exempt from the welfare reform cuts after the election

  • What Chancellor George Osborne said and what it means
  • Why it is inevitable that pensioners will have benefits cut after the election
  • Will it mean the end of sheltered housing?


Click here for the detail

3. Universal Credit will cost the taxpayer at least £20 billion more per year

  • Why UC with its not a penny more, not a penny LESS theme will cost average taxpayer £800 more pa
  • Everyone to receive every benefit and tax credit to which they are entitled
  • Beware any claims to pay for any policy out of non-existent UC ‘savings!’


Click here for detail and fact

4. London exports its perversely high rent inflation to the rest of the UK

  • How Inner London boroughs export the benefit claimant to Outer London and beyond
  • The factual detail of this Housing Benefit diaspora is benefit cleansing the capital
  • Are we sanctioning Russia or is Putin sanctioning UK housing?

london hb claimant count

Click here for the detail

5. The vanity of lawyers and incompetent local councils shafts domestic violence victims

  • High Court ruling that the bedroom tax does not discriminate is correct!
  • High Court ruling does NOT state a panic room is a bedroom
  • Further sham decision making by local councils in the bedroom tax

Click here for the detail

6.  Why ‘affordable rent’ is the death of social housing and deceit of Liverpool’s Labour Mayor explains

  • You thought the benefit cap was a London high rent area only problem? You’re wrong!
  • Why social landlords cannot afford to house the benefit tenant
  • Why the benefit cap prevents the rationale for the bedroom tax and shows just how incompetent IDS welfare reform policies are

Click here  and here for the detail

7.  How the welfare reform policy of direct payment of HB to the tenant will see social landlords become asocial and refuse to accommodate the problematic benefit tenant out of financial necessity

  • Why social landlords are being forced to become risk averse to whom they rent by policy
  • Why the coalition simply do not understand the economic good and taxpayer saving that the social housing model is
  • Just where the hell are the sick, disabled and unemployed going to live?
  • Why social housing evictions will rise dramatically and cost the taxpayer even more!

allocation direct payment

Click here for details

8.  IDS sneakily changes law so he can sanction the hardworking family.

(Strictly the week before but this post has had 20 times the views of all posts this year!)
  • IDS inherently admits his UC policy is ill conceived
  • How IDS wants an 18% increase in the national minimum wage?
  • IDS goes after the working family for accepting low paying jobs and will sanction the WORKING family

Click here for detail


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