A phrase to remember the Tory coalition by … You can’t polish a turd!

You can lie, deceive, dissemble, be economical with the truth and every other trick in the political book but facts win out or in vulgar language, you can’t polish a turd.

Let’s look at their record on growth – The rise of the food bank has been so severe that foodbank has now entered the dictionary as one word not two, not even hyphenated and note it grew to over 900,000 in 2013/14 and that is just from one foodbank operator.

foodbankuse since 2005

What about the growth in JSA sanctions that is a huge factor in foodbank use?

In case you don’t know a sanction means you get no money at all even if you have kids to feed and for what heinous crimes you need to commit to get sanctioned here is an example from that notorious left-wing rag The Daily Mail!

Ceri Padley, 26, had her benefits sanctioned after she missed an appointment at the jobcentre – because she was at a job interview.

Via the Daily Mail.

For more examples see here and yes it does mean not a penny for up to three years even if you have children to feed and below is just the coalition record on JSA sanctions alone.

jsa sanctions

What about the growth in unstable zero hours contracts – a term so ubiquitous every knows what ZHC means!

zero hours

How about growth in the manipulation of the media campaigns to blame all those in receipt of benefit


Sorry reader that wasn’t quite right, the coalition do not blame ALL of those in receipt of welfare benefits, in fact not even a majority, they only blame the 32% in receipt of benefit who are of working-age and not the pensioner who gets 68% of all welfare benefit spent


Just to put that into context for you the simple bar chart below reveals how tiny a percentage that Job Seekers Allowance (Dole in old speak) is compared to the welfare benefit spend on the pensioner.


However a better reason to look at the above bar chart which explains IDS’s answer in parliament that £116 billion of the welfare benefit spend goes to the pensioner and just £54 billion to those of working age is last weeks budget in which Osborne confirmed a further £12 billion per year of welfare benefit cuts making this £25 billion in all.

Ask yourself how can £25 billion be taken from the working-age benefit recipient alone when they receive in total £54 billion?  That level of cut – a whopping 46% cut – cannot possibly come from the £1 in every £3 of welfare benefit that goes to the working-age person and must have to come from the more than £2 in every £3 of the welfare benefit budget that goes to the pensioner.

Now why do you think Osborne is refusing to say where this additional £12 billion of welfare benefit cut is coming from reader?  Ahem!!

Deceit, obfuscation, and being economical with the truth is of course common to all governments though none have done this on such a flagrant and repeated way as this coalition.  However, this Tory coalition go way beyond this and lie blatantly and openly over the welfare reforms.

Here is really where they attempt to polish the turd with the same zeal they knowingly lie about the welfare reforms and especially the despised bedroom tax.  Just today we see another example in the Telegraph of IDS claiming this has saved £1 billion, yet the bedroom tax and the three other policies of benefit, LHA and SAR cap that were all introduced to reduce the Housing Benefit bill, has seen that Housing Benefit bill increase and increase in real terms over and above inflation. So IDS may ‘claim’ all he likes but the facts and the official facts produced by the department IDS runs show he is polishing the turd. The full detail of that is here

In the simplest of graphs here is the Housing Benefit bill comparing what IDS and the coalition said it would be – the target or budget – and what it actually turned out to be:

HB£ under coalition act v budget

The official DWP data for that is below and you can see they expected the HB bill after inflation and with the bedroom tax and benefit / LHA / SAR caps to be just over £21 billion per year yet it is now £24 billion per year

HB expected gov figs

It is almost as if this coalition and especially IDS expect us to believe what they say because they say it and, somehow, believe we the general public are unable to access the official figures and the official estimates which are of course freely available and have official sources as all the figures above reveal.  The policy of don’t let fact spoil a good political lie!

The blame game that this coalition have overtly used as policy is yet another example of polishing the turd with constant reference to workshy people scrounging off the state and choosing that lifestyle.  What that knowing lie fails to tell the general public is that there are more people working and claiming Housing Benefit than there are on the dole and claiming Housing Benefit as the yet further simple graph reveals.

working unemployed hb claimants

As you can see there are now more people in work receiving HB than there are on the dole and receiving HB!  But how can that be you ask?   It can’t be true as that nice man IDS tells us that he has saved the country billions in welfare benefits and his reforms are working!

Well aside from his misuse of the word ‘reform’ which means to improve ALL of the facts (and boy are facts pesky!!) reveal that (a) the welfare reform (sic) policies do not work; and (b) that IDS polishes the turd as much as he polishes his head – He knowingly, repeatedly and deliberately lies and expects the general public to believe him despite all of the FACTS revealing he is a liar and an idiot.

Dear reader, in the run up to the general election you will hear and read many ‘claims’ from politicians yet what you most definitely will not hear or read about the welfare reform (sic) policies is FACT.

Yet as well a being a liar IDS is also … On second thoughts here’s another little pic that says it so much better than I

groucho idiot

I could go on and on reader with so many example of knowing lies but you are either bored, angry or working out how to avoid using the phrase polishing the turd in conversation.  What you must have no doubt about is that this coalition are the biggest turd polishers this country has ever seen when it comes to social welfare policy.


5 thoughts on “A phrase to remember the Tory coalition by … You can’t polish a turd!

  1. Reblogged this on stewilko's Blog and commented:
    These statistics are shocking and will, hopefully, show rhis coalition legacy of five years in government. Rather It will be David Cameron’, OOsborne, IDS, McVey, Freud legacy. There history, will parallel Hitler, SS, Gestapo along with their evil ideology and propaganda.

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