Cameron’s hypocrisy over food banks…in his own words!!

Today on Twitter a political gem was unearthed in a speech by David Cameron full of moral outrage and indignation from November 2005 at the shocking use of foodbanks under the last Labour government.

Earlier this year, we learnt from the Citizens Advice Bureau of a single mother who had to rely on a Salvation Army food parcel to survive. A Salvation Army food parcel, in this, the fourth richest country in the world, run by a Labour government,

That was in November 2005.  Now lets look at what Cameron’s record on foodbanks

foodbankuse since 2005


Cameron’s moral indignation at 3000 cases of foodbank use in 2005 yet under his policies by 2012/13 this had grown to 347,000.  115 times greater use

In 2013/14 Cameron tripled this again to 913,000 and that is just from the Trussell Trust foodbanks and does not include the many others too.

There is only one thing worse for a Tory than being a liar and hypocrite – being found out!!



PS – The link to the full text is here so Cameron can not even use the Rachel Reeves excuse on this one!!


8 thoughts on “Cameron’s hypocrisy over food banks…in his own words!!

  1. Yup, it was a gem of a find, there was one by Danny Alexander in 2008 where he was calling for an end to disability poverty but he pulled the page from his website after I kept linking to it and asking him why the hypocrisy

  2. cameron and all the tory scum should be rounded up and sent to the moon as they deserve to be living on a diffrent planet,ooh i just about forgot the doodoo party clegg and co who will be extinct after the next election,bye bye,davie nelson

  3. Really good find – just wish the other parties would find these things and bring them up at “meetings”, PMQ’s and debates.

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