Get pregnant and you get evicted – The Tory Benefit Cap!!!!!!!!

I have put out 3 blogs on how the Tories Benefit Cap policy will be a financial disaster for social landlords and social tenants.  They are here, here and here.  They detail what the Tory Benefit Cap mean and yet in them all I made scant comment as to the private tenant except to say that as their rents are higher than social tenants they are more prone to eviction as they will receive less in housing benefit.

Yet should a private tenant on housing benefit get pregnant she will be evicted by the private landlord because she is pregnant!!  The same will happen, though take a bit longer, to the social tenant who gets pregnant as that is what the policy means.

The reason is that for each additional child the tenant receives an additional £67 or so in welfare benefits  (see table detailing this at end) which also means the maximum housing benefit she can receive goes down by the same £67 per week in the crude zero sum policy that the benefit cap is.

Hence the tenant becoming pregnant gives a much greater risk to the private landlord of arrears and so the private landlord will, once the pregnancy is discovered, issue a Section 21 notice to evict the private tenant and her family.  I say this not out of any predisposition that private landlords are bastards, but because private landlords run a business and they will protect that business and act in the best interests of the profit motive that business holds.

In other words its inevitable this will happen and the real scorn needs to be directed at the incompetent policy creators, that is the Tory Party and not at the private landlords.

Three further points

  1. The Labour Party also wants the benefit cap and have also advocated a regional benefit cap which the Tories now favour too. That was the policy of Liam Byrne (see here) the predecessor of the latest incompetent (did I mean incumbent? No!) Rachel Reeves
  2. People often get pregnant accidentally so any response along the line of this is deliberate to get more benefit go boil your head!  What about an avowed Catholic woman who is raped…and so on and so forth!  But if you persist with such superficial shite then carry on dragging your knuckles along the floor!
  3. It will also happen in social housing too, though as the social landlord has to have reason or grounds to evict this will take longer to happen and of course the fact the tenant is pregnant cannot be and will not used as reason

So there it is in a nutshell…



The benefit table mentioned above:


Note – the 2 Parent 1 child family gets £200.26 in welfare benefit / child tax credit which when it becomes a 2 Parent 2 child household rises to £267.42 – a £67.16 increase and that reduces the maximum HB payable also by £67.16 from £240.53 to £173.37 in the London example in column 3 above.  The same happens for each household unit increasing by 1 child (and just realised that a women pregnant with twins or triplets…..!!)


8 thoughts on “Get pregnant and you get evicted – The Tory Benefit Cap!!!!!!!!

  1. There is an alternative. Get pregnant and get divorced, and you then become two families, both entitled to the £23,000 (or whatever) benefit cap. Obviously this won’t save money, as you will have 2 single parent families claiming, instead of one 2 parent family, nor will it reduce pressure on housing – the family will need two two beds, not one four bed. However, when was there last any requirement for government policies on housing or welfare to either make sense or genuinely save taxpayer’s money?

    1. Yes and I covered that aspect back in Feb 2013 here (an f-word littered post about Wayne and Waynetta). But what that means is the benefit cap incentivises families breaking up!

      This is not about saving money as it doesnt and costs more. This is about the (pre?) Dickensian notion of get pregnant and you lose your home, be it social or privately rented. It is an outrageous impact that gets my male blood boiling yet where is the outrage?

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