Danny Alexander’s ragtime band – Never give a sucker an even break!

Come on and hear, come on and hear Alexander’s ragtime in the press …

Danny Alexander, Lib Dem MP who is about to lose his seat at the election and who has been in the inner core of 4 MPs looking at welfare plans he says, however bizarre those plans were and have been, has very conveniently released some sketchy details of a ludicrous plan that he discussed with IDS and others back in 2012.

Such is the need of the printed media to report anything at the moment that if a MP admitted they had a hole in their arse they would report it as front page news when the paper’s only use is to wipe your own with it!

Yes I’m overtly cynical at the media presenting Alexander as some paragon of virtue and of course his intervention also takes attention away from his record and the facts which Lib Dems and Tories are overtly keen to avoid.

Never give a sucker an even break famously said WC Fields who also said never work with animals which Alexander has in the coalition, or with children – and this half-arsed plan could never w0rk with children


But set that aside and let’s look at the key issue of this alleged plan which is not the cessation of child benefit for the third and further child which is the emotive issue, the real issue is limiting Child Tax Credit to the first two children as that would have a disastrous effect on the economy.

For each child the household receive an additional £67 per week in CTC.  So stopping that for each child over two would mean the household with 3 children has to earn £67 per week more in net earnings or about £86 per week more in gross earnings.  The household with 4 children would lose 2 lots of £67 per week or £134 in net income and so on.

The 3 child household would need to see their wages increase by £2.33 per hour

The 4 child household would need to see their wages increase by £4.66 per hour

The 5 child household would need to see their wages increase by £6.99 per hour

…all based on a 37 hour working week.

As this is not going to happen the plan to stop CTC for each child after the second would mean that work would not pay more than benefit which is the powerful maxim of this governments welfare policy, however superficial it may be.

Take away CTC which props up the work will always pay more pithy political tenet and the economy sinks to its knees.  The 23% of the public who claim out-of-work benefits have 3 children or more so they would not be able to take up a job at minimum wage as they are being coerced to do with sanctions and the work will always pay more spin.

The 3 child household would need a job paying £8.84 per hour and be 100% guaranteed each week.  The 4 child out of work household would need a job paying £11.23 per hour and so on.  Yet even in the extremely improbable likelihood this happens, that household would also lose its housing benefit and so would still be worse off financially!!!

So can we please put this total nonsense of Danny Alexander’s release of a three year old hare brained plan to bed.  Of course we can accept it was mooted three years ago as IDS has mooted so many back of a fag packet hare brained schemes and policy proposals that he BELIEVES TO BE RIGHT that when a fingerless worm scratches the surface of come to nought and exposed for what they are.

This is one such plan and if the British economy could not have a ready stream of people who have no choice but to work for national minimum wage due to sanctions and other welfare austerity measures, then it would collapse and be in even bigger shit than the speculating greedy bastard bankers left us in from 2007.



2 thoughts on “Danny Alexander’s ragtime band – Never give a sucker an even break!

  1. Danny Alexander may well lose his seat and speaking out now is probably his best bet of keeping his seat. however you have to remember that his role in the government was only because of being in a coalition and on any policy that he was involved in wouldn’t count for much.

    The Lib Dems views never really counted and they should never have gone into the coalition in the first place hence they will do badly come the general election

    he does need to speak out thou as many sick and disabled lives are on the line and not to do so would make him guilty in the loss of those lives in the future

    i wish him well

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