Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the prick that knows f**k all

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, a little less and you’re called Nigel Nelson and write for the Mirror Group.

Yet again this hack has written more drivel about the bedroom tax in an article in tomorrows Sunday People and even includes a supposed comment from me, although I have not spoke to him for well over a year and possibly more – Yes he doesn’t stick in the memory when you speak with him either!

In a floral piece here replete with UKIPian language such as open the floodgates Nigel Nelson sets tens if not hundreds of thousands of social tenants up to fail; tenants already shafted by the pernicious policy are now shafted once more so Nigel (must be something in the name reader) can flog a bit of newsprint.

He portrays it as if you are a separated parent affected by the bedroom tax just say my child is entitled to a bedroom here because Nigel says so and you will be taken out of the bedroom tax. The reality is very much different of course but hey this is the Sunday People who still insist this affects 660,000 people, when (a) they mean households and (b) it affects 462,896 households or circa 1.066 million people as all 2.3 people in each household are affected by it.

This is the Sunday People who said two weeks ago here the bedroom tax will affect a further one million people with presumably another error of wrongly conflating households with people and even by their risible standards failed to give any reason WHY this would happen in their view.  It is merely ok to frighten the life out of more vulnerable people in order to sell newsprint and guess who the author was reader?

Nigel Nelson has just made the challenge to the bedroom tax so much harder for any individual tenant affected and for all those who give up their time supporting shafted tenants in appealing this pernicious policy, including in this instance a very forward thinking landlord who supported the tenant here, Coast & Country – a rare occurrence indeed – and one that many landlords are seeking to emulate.

Cue every landlord having every separated parent with shared child care banging on their doors now thanks to this buffoon and every anti bedroom tax group and welfare group and all the rest having to say, sorry, you are fucked over again and don’t believe what you read in the papers.

A bedroom tax abolitionist you call me Nigel.  Pity I wasn’t an abolitionist for woeful and dangerous journalism as you would be right up there with the Murdoch boys.  If your agenda is to write so much shite that the Murdoch headhunters come knocking it’s probably working but don’t dare use my name to take that step up; and a thousand times worse, don’t dare shaft the poor sods who you would claim to be helping in all of this in the bedroom tax tenants.



4 thoughts on “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the prick that knows f**k all

  1. All tenants who want to challenge government policies on rented housing should go to the National Summit on Saturday 13th June at Bloomsbury Methodist Church in London 11.00 to 4.30 pm

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