Dear Social Housing – Pack up, go home, you’re history!

According to Allegra Stratton of BBC Newsnight fame (and now infamy!) at 1pm this afternoon the benefit cap is going to be reduced even further than the £23k or £440 per week down to £20k or circa £400 per week. (see end)

Ms Stratton fails to comment on it and probably does not realise that it means the definitive end of the social housing model and simply chooses to speculate on this.

Interesting too how she repeats the IFS speculation on cuts to Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit and does not also comment on IFS stating that the welfare reforms such as the benefit cap actually cost the taxpayer £1 billion more per year and don’t save a penny!

Nor does she mention that IDS specifically ruled out cuts to CB/CTC on the BBC Daily Politics programme she often co-hosts with Andrew Neill and the BBC have video footage of that! But hey she’s a journo and an ex-Guardian one at that need I say more!!

No she is merely content to speculate and not that IF this ever comes to pass that it means to live in London you will need to have a job and no job and lose job equates to lose house and be shipped off oop North or that even in the cheapest social rent areas oop North that hundreds of thousands (yes literally) of CHILDREN will be made homeless each year.

BBC Newsnight Allegra 2


If this does come to pass reader the social housing model is a Norwegian parrot pining for the fjords.  It is not just stunned or resting and 5000 volts would not bring it back to life – Testing, testing, testing… Can you hear me housing people?

Yes you housing people! You know the spineless mutes who refuse to see that the £23k cap will kill off the social housing model and you fail to challenge that now sees ID give-him-an-inch-and-he’ll-take-a-mile Smith is reducing it even further so that a couple with 1 child in London on an affordable rent (sic, sic and triple sic) allegedly social property won’t be able to afford and you will evict and make homeless if they lose their job!!

But hey you know all the arguments now as I have given you chapter and verse before – and have been doing for years now but hey I’m just a mere blogger!

The further £40 per week deduction to £400 per week means all those social tenant households with 3 children in are going to get hit by the benefit cap so that extrapolation last week of 144,000 social households affected at the 3.6% figure rises to about 12% or about 480,000 social tenant households affected and about a further 564,000 private rented households so just a little old 900,000 total increase to 1.044 million rented households.

Yes well and truly pining for the fjords.

Of course you could still want to believe the other ex Guardian journalist Hannah Fearn who said last week that social housing has nothing to fear from Tory housing policy…. as of course this mere blogger is just spouting politically motivated nonsense and would never dream of indulging you with those pesky little things called facts now would I?



scooby doo


PS Like all blogs this one needs a picture so here is one for the great and the good of housing just so they can see what Scooby Doo actually looks like just in case he comes up and bites them on the arse!

Allegra Stratton piece is though you need to scroll back down to 13:00 so here it is below

bbc newnight full 15 june 2015 £20k benefit cap


8 thoughts on “Dear Social Housing – Pack up, go home, you’re history!

  1. Oh my God Joe
    I think Gareth prepared a paper detailing the effects of a £20 cap, which were so ridiculous that I haven’t really mentioned it to anyone. I thought it was a far fetched idea. How foolish of me, they actually have no shame and no brain…God help us.

  2. Cut benefits cap to £20,000, say Tories: Group of MPs says amount should be cut by £6,000 to send message to workshy that they cannot live comfortably on handouts

    By Jason Groves for the Daily Mail 23:37 18 Nov 2013, updated 00:01 19 Nov 2013

    No one should be allowed to claim more than £20,000 a year in benefits, an influential group of Tory MPs said yesterday.

    Members of the Free Enterprise Group of Conservative MPs issued a unanimous call for the flagship welfare cap to be reduced from its current level of £26,000.

    Tory MP Brooks Newmark said the benefits cap should be reduced to the value of the average £26,000 salary after tax – equal to just over £20,000
    MPs said it would help raise cash to pay for middle-class tax cuts, as well as sending out a powerful message that the unemployed should not be able to live a comfortable life on benefits.

    Tory MP Brooks Newmark said the cap should be reduced to the value of the average £26,000 salary after tax – equal to just over £20,000.

    Mr Newmark said: ‘Many hard-working people in my constituency do not understand why we have a welfare cap that allows people to get £26,000 effectively post-tax. That is equal to an income of £35,000 pre-tax.

    ‘If we want tax cuts elsewhere we should lower the welfare cap to something more reasonable. For people who are fit and able to work they should be able to get no more than the equivalent of £26,000 post-tax.’

    Fellow Tory David Ruffley said private polling conducted on behalf of Number 10 showed that the benefit cap was supported by about 80 per cent of the public. But he said 80 per cent of those backing it also thought it was too high.

    Mr Ruffley said: ‘Most people think it is way too high – we should cut it to £20,000.’

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