Oi landlord get off your lazy backside says IDS in Parliament and some other Priti outrageous stuff

Nothing is even the fault of Iain Duncan Smith!  Not even the glaringly obvious flaws in his “I believe it to be so and go hang with any fact or scrutiny” position with any of his policies.

Yesterday in Parliament he said firstly, that the benefit cap is the responsibility of social landlords who should get off their lazy arses and help tenants into work instead of doing nothing!!! A quite incredulous claim.

Then secondly, he told the Labour Party exactly what I said would happen when they questioned him on the benefit cap.

Hansard 21 June 2015ids1-22062015

Re: landlords and direct payments –

“The key point about this is the housing provider works with the individual family to help them turn around their circumstances, rather than just leaving them as they are and doing nothing about them.”

The first reaction of I would imagine 99.99% of social landlords on reading this will be to mutter under their breath something like “You cheeky bastard!”  Social landlords have been doing EET activities for a while now yet even if they had not why the hell is it a social landlords responsibility to do that in any case???

Oh hang on IDS says it  is the housing providers role so that means private landlords should be doing this too!!!!!  Yes the second though too will also be you cheeky bastard!

Then the retort to the question from Labour – actually a very important question as the original benefit cap in the legislation does create a link between average earnings and the benefit cap level.  Something IDS would care to forget and he may have to legislate for which will of course provide scrutiny for the reduced cap policy.  Yet instead he said exactly what I predicted the Tories would say when I reported Labour supported the benefit cap back in April

milband obc idiocy

Yes that was before we knew Miliband would go – and the Labour Party drove themselves down this political cul-de-sac by supporting a policy that could see 720,000 CHILDREN evicted and cost £2 billion per year more!

Labour still support the policy now too and just like at the General Election those now (seriously) vying for the leadership are proving just as spineless and daren’t say anything against the Great God of Baal aka Austerity – even with hundreds of thousands of children made homeless!!

Wow even the Blairite acolytes have forgotten education eduction education as these homeless children will have theirs irreparably damaged due to the spineless not challenging the truly bloody offensive benefit cap policy…oh but they can’t can they as they have driven down that cul-de-sac!!

Then at the same Work and Pensions debate we had a question about food banks – which the government furiously denied any link to their policies with of course…yet then the Teflon-coated megalomania of Tory ministers went truly into the theatre of the absurd!

priti patel sanctions reasonable

Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh of the SNP sought to bring in sanctions and food banks and informed Priti (Damn Stupid) Patel about a man sanctioned for failing to meet an appointment as he was in hospital after a heart attack.  The response about sanctions from Priti Patel the employment minister was:

“…the purpose of sanctions is to encourage claimants to comply with REASONABLE requirements”

So it is REASONABLE to have to attend a job centre appointment when you are hospitalised after a heart attack then Minister?  What planet are you on you callous f***wit?  – or something to that effect was my immediate reaction when watching this on TV.

That quickly changed to my screaming at the TV urging Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh to realise what a huge political error Priti Stupid Patel had given here to make the point above and what a huge political hole the Employment Minister had dug for herself in inferring that being sanctioned whilst hospitalised was ‘reasonable!’

Alas she did not!  Yet nor did anyone else in the House of Commons pick this point up and here was a chance to expose how the sanctions regime is not working, offensive and riddled with such examples and damage this superficial bullshit line taken on them by the Tories that they are needed and sanctions are only given because they are necessary…blah blah blah!

That is an important point about the use of sanctions and this myth of their ‘necessity’ has to be challenged – and also IDS was sitting next to Priti Patel and his face would have been a picture if such a challenge had come in from anyone on the opposition benches.

Yet in summary Monday 21 June 2015 just confirmed what an arrogant bunch of Teflon-coated we can do what the hell we like smug pricks will sit on the government benches repelling every question with we were elected you were not now go hang, or if Boris takes over from Cameron perhaps fuck off and die!

It also shows what an incompetent bunch on opposition MPs there are too…ah plus ca change!

PS – It now seems we won’t even get the full details of the £12 billion welfare cuts on 8 July as it is now reported some will be left until the Autumn Statement (held usually in November!!) and by which time the first, second, third … and 999th priority on the political agenda will be the in-out EU referendum so a great time to bury bad news in the hope we all miss it…ah plus ca change!!

You can fool all of the people all of the time is Tory political strategy and they are bloody good at it too!!

Just a little sniff of hope reader – maybe, just maybe, when IDS or in reality Osborne says tax credits are being cut here is the link to the BBC Daily Politics show on 5th May 2015, two days before the election when IDS is caught on film categorically and unambiguously saying Child Benefit and Child Tax Credits will NOT be cut.  Then again that would require a capable opposition MP to dig it out and accuse that good Christian IDS of breaching Exodus 20:16 and Deuteronomy 5:20 and someone tell him its decalogue not demagogue!!

Thou shalt not bear false witness


10 thoughts on “Oi landlord get off your lazy backside says IDS in Parliament and some other Priti outrageous stuff

  1. So, if Government is explicitly saying that helping tenants into work is a duty of social landlords how about some funding for that activity?………..

    (Holds breath, goes worryingly blue in the face……)

    1. We already subsidise and just look at those reserves they’ve built up with all this subsidy…. Having an IDS moment there!! Seriously what a bizarre statement …though still be some social landlords who say nothing to fear from Tory housing policy…or is that Guardian journalists….?!

      1. I think the poster makes a valid point, if IDS truly believes that it is the responsibility of housing associations to get tenants into work then he should put his money where his mouth is and provide them with additional funding to do this, after all his government were quite happy to throw money at the disastrous A4E to achieve this end and what’s good for the goose is good for the gander! . We all know that there is zilch chance of this happening but nonetheless there’s nothing wrong with johnpopham making the point as it highlights just how ludicrous Duncan Smiths comments on the matter are.

  2. I find Priti pretty damn terrifying myself. I was watching her and Dunks on BBC Parliament this morning. I truly think she is from the same cohort as Maggie. If you read her Tory party homepage it’s truly frightening in terms of considering how a person living In a parallel universe might think. Perhaps her ideas have been warped by travelling through a wormhole like in that new sci-fi film.

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