Get a job and a snip and then maybe, just maybe Lazarus, you can have a house

Dear Tenant, Welcome to the wonderful world of homelessness, Yours in Christianhood, IDS.  


IDS is addressing the 8% of social tenants who claim Job Seekers Allowance and Housing Benefit and the 16% of social tenants who receive DLA or PIP and Housing Benefit.

Get off you backside and get a job and the excuse of being disabled or unable to work is just excuse; and don’t have sex (or get raped) as the hard working taxpayer will not pay for it and you will be homeless.

IDS, that committed Christian has rained down ‘ell three times on you and henceforth has decreed that the term tenant is too nondescript and you shall now all be known and referred to as Lazy Lax Lazari or L3s

  • the Lazy – there are plenty of jobs out there!
  • the Lax of moral  – don’t have sex if you can’t afford to raise a child, and
  • the Lazarus – the state has written you off and now I shall cure your illness and disability and make you a worthwhile citizen again


That is enough of this God-fearing pretentious bull yet there is no doubt that the social tenant is lazy – lazy in their thinking that:

  • social landlords give a monkeys as you are a financial liability to them, and
  • the Labour Party do not give a monkeys either as just 8% on the dole and less than 20% disabled means those not are more numerous and a better target voter .

You may not like to hear it as a social tenant but you are the figurative ‘great unwashed’ so get used to it.

You may not like it if you are a housing professional but get used to the truth and out of your lazy mindset.

You will not like it if you lazily deny that Labour fully supports the same austerity policies of the economic incompetent and morally repugnant

I am not asking for you to like the reality.  I am just stating what that reality is.

The private tenant has no such lazy thinking and expects the mushroom syndrome by their landlord, and with Osborne confirming today that the benefit cap will be reduced to £440 per week in London and £400 per week in the regions then it is time the social tenant stopped being lazy in mind and thought and indeed in actions.

HA landlords WILL evict you and make you homeless and it IS lazy to think HA’s have any of their (claimed) residual founding ethos to house the vulnerable.  In fact very few HA’s have this mythical founding ethos and many were created as an expedient fudge around the PSBR in the past 30 years or less and not from Victorian philanthropists: HA’s want you to believe they were founded by Peabodys yet only a handful of the 5000 HA’s actually were – but shhhhh don’t tell anyone!

Council landlords have a vested interest in keeping a roof over your head as if they evict they create much higher homelessness cost to themselves and see here for a rough costing that will be higher given a regionally lower cap

PRIVATE Registered Providers which is the official term the housing regulator uses for housing associations – will evict and evict much more quickly and will take away the judges discretion to keep you housed by using Ground 8, in short 8 weeks or 2 months in arrears and the arrears have increased in the past 8 weeks and the judge has NO OPTION but to award a full eviction.

Like Lazarus in the picture above you will be on your knees praying to the local council to put you and your children in temporary homeless accommodation, and where you will stay until you get off you lazy backside until you get a job.

Just as lazy in their thinking are the very many social housing professionals who believe that Ground 8 won’t happen and won’t become the norm which it will and very quickly.  Many do genuinely care about the social housing model and still believe in social housing’s ethos of housing the vulnerable and needy and they too have asked Where the hell will the vulnerable live?

Such well meaning housing people are in the majority yet they are lazy in that thinking and my realism is not cynical and I do not like what I say above either yet it is reality and a reality we all have to accept..

I have given the facts and reality many times before and the benefit cap reduction means the social tenant with 3 children will be evicted right across the country and the private tenant with 2 or more children if they are unlucky enough to be unemployed or unable to work or even not expected to work such as lone parents with very young children.


None of this is scaremongering in any way and the Christmas 2014 position of the shocking 93,000 children homeless will soon be a case of a minimum 600,000 children homeless and the hard-working taxpayer will have to pay more nationally and locally to pay for this massive increase in public purse cost.

It is the local cost that is extremely worrying and often neglected.  I can reliably predict that Merseyside will see a yearly cost increase for homeless provision in excess of £50 million per year more and directly due to the benefit cap reduction.  Local councils do have it in their gift to get around the benefit cap and legitimately too yet how many libraries, swimming pools or meals on wheels services will have to go as they fail to see this?  How much will council tax have to increase to pay more for far less services and will we only have our bins collected once a month from hereonin?

Make no mistake the benefit cap reduction is a huge additional cost factor to add to the fact that the existing £500 per week cap actually costs more and increases the overall housing benefit bill and this further reduction will increase the ‘welfare’ cost so much more.

Here is the IFS view that the housing benefit reforms have cost £1 billion more per year which is higher than the evidenced-based cost of £440 million per year more as I reported some time ago.

ifs hb real terms

Yes that is the same IFS and purported independent think tank the BBC is fond of quoting as the projected £12 billion of savings that Osborne today (and my Unicorn incidentally) now believes to be found.

I also note that the old Pay MORE to Stay notion is doing the rounds ago and reportedly that if the household wage income is more than £30k per year outside of London then such a family will have to pay up to £70 per week more to rent a social housing property.

So a couple both earning the alleged “living wage” in the provinces of £7.85 per hour will have to pay some £3640 per year more in alleged social rent which will all go directly to the Treasury and not to the landlord as well!  This reveals that those who champion the “living (sic) wage” in the usual suspects of the Guardian, JRF and Labour Party as some from of panacea know as much about this as the incompetent innumerate we have as Chancellor of the Exchequer who will top any alleged Greek tragedy of this weekend with his budget on Wednesday.


Osborne is a contradiction in terms, a real oxymoron who believes he has found the ethereal £12 billion of cuts in ‘welfare’ though he is not revealing all on Wednesday and thus can be said to be keeping his powder dry.

How interesting that one of these ‘welfare’ cuts is reducing the funding of the BBC.  Yes that is ‘welfare’ according to Osborne I kid you not and I don’t even have a cat…I used to but the Unicorn ate it a while back.

TTFN, I’m picking up my bed and walking



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