Housing Associations abandon social housing – Rats and ships


Source: NHF – A Plan for Housing (pdf) published today.

In plain language

Q) Prospective “customer”:  I would like a genuinely affordable rent.

A) Housing Association: F**k off you pleb!!


The National Housing Federation are not just spineless in this new strategy that have tarred ALL housing associations as uncaring money grabbing privateers who do not care about social tenants.

Every HA will feel the backlash of this when direct payment of HB goes to the tenant and not the landlord and if allegedly ‘social’ landlords thought the 6.6% non payment of rent rate that the direct payment pilots revealed was as bad as it gets you better rethink that in light of this we couldn’t give a damn about housing within the tenant means (ie social rent that is genuinely affordable) signal this sends out loud and clear

This A Plan for Housing coming just 3 months after the ill-fated NHF-led Homes for Britain hyperbole and its 250,000 homes every year for a generation promise is 60% less new builds and for an indeterminate time and by being just 40% of the previous want and desire for 250,000 per year means the let’s solve the housing crisis hyperbole within HfB is NOT going to be solved!

Spineless and any potentially emotive term just does not cut how incompetent and how appallingly naive and bad business practice this new strategy is from the NHF.

By signalling they have abandoned the social rent model altogether an indelible impression and perception of ALL housing associations is made.

Imagine in 12 months time we will be 15 weeks into the reduced benefit cap and tens of thousands of housing associations tenants with 15 weeks of £40 to £100 per week HB shortfalls are at imminent risk of eviction.  When HAs say to their ‘partners’ in local government that there is nothing we can do except evict and in essence dump their financially toxic tenants on the local councils, those LA partners will be saying sorry it doesn’t wash and you are doing this because you are all privateers.

Oh and by the way you can forget about that nice free bit of land we were going to give you….

No council policy is that we will not support any new builds of AR tenancies or LCHO …we have absolute responsibility for the housing strategy and it doesn’t include HA handouts any more

Now how about a LA campaign to get HA tenants to take up the right to buy…

You want a DHP for your tenants – sorry all spent on LHA capped and PRS benefit capped tenants there’s nothing left in the pot …

Oh so sorry we must have sent your invitation to the housing strategy meeting to the wrong email address and its all done and dusted now…can’t go back, contracts agreed …

Oh and you’ll be needing a few new boards members as the councillors have resigned …

And yes you know about the consortium of LA’s all funding that Ground 8 challenge as so many of you HA’s are now using it and dumping on us…oh you didn’t? Well we are under no obligation to inform you of course but as we normally do it must have just slipped our mind…

Yes a very fine line playing the we will always house the vulnerable card and claiming a social ethos when shafting the vulnerable tenant at every turn isn’t is NHF?

When I wrote here back in May that the Nat Fed weren’t worried about  the reduced benefit cap affecting what they hugely underestimated to be 37,000 social households with 100,000 children being evicted then they are not going to be worried about 85,000 or so social tenant households being evicted containing 250,000 children are they?

What’s that reader that will quadruple the 3 bed and larger voids in the North?  Since when has the Nat Fed ever considered any housing variables outside of London and they can easily replace the benefit tenants with working ones down there so why can’t you oop North?  You must all be so inefficient and no wonder the HCA is giving you a hard time and the Conservative all say you are woefully inefficient!

Spleen nowhere near vented housing people.  Yes I am fortunate to be able to speak my mind on matters most of you cannot dare say in public.  Yet you can all agree and in public that this is a hugely dangerous move from Nat Fed that is going to give a huge array of problems for all housing associations – and especially those who still remember what the term social actually means!!





8 thoughts on “Housing Associations abandon social housing – Rats and ships

    1. Chris totally agree on first point and when HB is paid direct to tenants rather than landlords and tenants take control over the payment of rent I am sure tenants will respond.

      The problem for all HAs is that many still want social rent properties yet Nat Fed lead has tarred them all with same brush and tarred them all as uncaring privateers out to shaft the tenant for as much as they can get.

      In simple terms Nat Fed has dropped every HA in the very smelly brown stuff

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