Work more lose house, work less keep house is Conservative policy

Work more lose house or work less keep house is official Conservative policy!

The budget red book says a couple both earning the so-called living wage “will be better off in work” yet they will be £2300 pound per year WORSE OFF if they live in social housing,

The budget red book lies and shows the couple will be better off by about £2000 per year in net income YET the couple will have to pay an additional £4,500 per year in rent due to pay MORE to stay

budgetpaymore lie

The chart looks as if the household will be better off yet this is a deliberate deceit when you look at the very highly contrived source calculations.

The couple both working 35 hours per week is 70 hours per week at the proposed 2020 Osborne version of the living wage of £9.00 per hour is a household income of 70 x £9 or £630 per week – which is £32,760 per year – which takes this household over the Pay MORE to Stay limit of £30,000 per year.

If this couple lives in a council or housing association property the social rent they pay will increase to the average private rent level which nationally is over £85 per week more (£4,435 pa) than the average social rent level today and will be over £90 per week more (£4696 pa) by 2020

PMS is a crude and deliberate incentive for working social tenants to take up Right to Buy as the massively increased rent will be far more than a mortgage yet it means the work will always pay more mantra is not the case for a tenant in a council or housing association property.

It means social tenants can only aspire to home ownership and not have the option of choosing to remain a social tenant if they earn the minimum wage.

The couple who both get a low paid can’t afford social housing, private rented or a mortgage

Social housing in the governments view is a case of if the plebs aspire they are well and truly shafted with the pay MORE to stay policy which has the perverse incentive of work more lose house and work less keep house


Please note – the Osborne “living wage” is £7.20 in 2016 rising to £9.00 per hour (or more) by 2020 so rising by £1.80 per hour over 4 years or £0.45p per year.

2017 = £7.65 per hour so a couple working average week of 39 hours each will have a household income of over £31,000 so this pay £4000 more to stay will happen from April 2017 not from 2020 as in the above


10 thoughts on “Work more lose house, work less keep house is Conservative policy

  1. Hi sorry to bother you: but your article reminds me about a relative of mine: He is disabled and needs to move. His [social housing] landlord scrutinised his home and bank statements and said they will get back to him to see if he can afford to move! What business is it of his landlord to tell him whether or not he can afford to move? Why are they being so invasive in tenants’ lives? They told him he has to pay several weeks rent in advance, I said, does he get that money back when housing benefit is sorted? She said no, I said so it’s a deposit then? And he’ll get it back when if he leaves? She said no again, I said ‘I’m confused: You’re telling me he has to pay several weeks rent out of his pocket [which I thought it was to cover until housing benefit was paid], which is NOT rent and NOT a deposit & NOT refundable, as far as I can see it’s a “leaving fee” enforced on the most vulnerable.

  2. Duplicitous government. Who in their right mind would tell their social landlord how much they were earning? Unless, of course, the government are bringing in a law to force them to.

  3. hope someone can help you with that, thats awful.. the control thats being en forced on people at all levels…of life…i wonder if that is legal.. worth going to citizen’s advice… if we still have that recourse… and it hasnt been closed by this anti-human government.

  4. In the South East the average two bed is £14400 per annum social housing is approx. £5800. There is no way we would pay an £8000 a year to stay. We would go private and at least have a nicely presented ensuite house.

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