The Benefit Cap is child sexual abuse

The benefit cap is child abuse, not just abusive, but actual abuse of vulnerable children.

200 children per week will become homeless in Liverpool next year as a direct result of the emergency budget cut to the overall benefit cap.

60 families per week will be made homeless in Liverpool alone because the parents cannot work as the benefit cap says they must work even if they are sick or disabled or because they have babies or pre-school children and not expected to look for work.

  • If the parents get Severe Disablement Allowance they are not exempt and they must find work or be evicted. 
  • If mum is a lone parent and has a three day old baby she still has to find work or she and her family will be homeless due to the swingeing cut of £115 per week in the benefit cap from next April.

These families must stay in the dingy B&B or unsuitable Travelodge until they get a job yet as many of them are unable to work through disability, sickness or just being a mum, the council will have to carry on picking up the tab of this unsuitable accommodation which irreparably damage the children’s life chances.

Innocent children paying for the sins of their parents with these ‘sins’ being that  parents are disabled or sick or unable to work or not expected to work.

The inescapable cost to Liverpool City Council could be in excess of £20 million per year and means that £20 million of other services will have to be cut.  Will that mean the bins are collected once every other week or libraries will close or day services to the elderly will go?  Maybe all three yet those decisions have been dumped on Liverpool City Council by the Conservative government and council tax will have to increase.

7 classrooms of children every week in Liverpool will be made homeless and placed in cramped and dingy bed and breakfast hotels with no cooking facilities and with nowhere for the children to do their homework from the new school they have to move to.

They may be lucky and have a communal television room and a front door to the building they share with 3, 5 or 10 other homeless families may have a decent lock on it, or it may not.

The homeless family on the same landing as them could see the parents as drug addicts or alcoholics and the whole building will not have staff on duty as in the good old days of homeless families units (HFU) I once managed and were commonplace 20 years ago.

No such establishments exists any more due to the costs of the vital and necessary 24 hour staffing that is needed to ensure the families and children within them are safe and not preyed upon by those inside or those outside of the building.

Yet even if there were such provision HFUs are dangerous at the best of times and all visitors have to be screened to ensure they really are a relative of the residents and not there because they are a paedophile.

Even with 20 CCTV cameras in the staff office there are still blind spots and the most diligent staff members do not have eyes in the back of their head and need to go to the toilet.

Yet staffed offices are no longer available and these often dangerous HFUs no longer exist and mean children will not be safe in the inevitable dingy B&Bs into which they will be placed.

Some may be lucky and a couple with 3 children may get two rooms of a Travelodge at a special negotiated cost to the council of £40 per room per night or £560 per week and the total cost could easily be £20 million per year for all 3100 or so families to the council. Yet children will not be safe there either as other rooms in the building will contain persons unchecked and children will be easy prey as offensive as that term reads.

Pretty soon the Travelodge type of option will not exist as who wants to stay there given they will be full of children running around the corridors and babies crying all night because they are teething and teenagers making noise as teenagers do?

The only provision available will be the dingy B&B and councils will be increasingly desperate for it as the reduced cost of say £30 per room per night or £420 per week dictates and private landlords see dollar signs in their eyes and the ‘safer’ Travelodge option no longer exists!

The benefit cap policy IS child abuse.

Staffed homeless families units (HFU) largely do not exist anymore and even the few that do remain or were they originally would only have a capacity of 30 families or so for a city the size of Liverpool.  Yet the benefit cap will be creating 60 homeless families a week there and if each family is there 6 months that is a need for 1500 family sized rooms or 50 times that number in Liverpool and that is the scale of the massively increased homelessness the benefit cap brings – 50 times the provision of the good old days is needed!

The only similar provision to HFUs is domestic violence refuges which of course are female only and in 99% of cases do not allow male children over the age of 12 to live there.  A 12 year old boy may be predatory and he may also be preyed upon by women in a refuge and that is why they are not permitted to live there.

That may shock and anger Mr or Mrs Normal let alone the feminist lobbies but it is true and fact and 12 year old boys are not permitted to reside in refuges for those reasons and rightly so.  Doing all to prevent child abuse which it could and would be either way has to be primary however distasteful the thought of it may be.

Yet homeless vulnerable families with on average over 3 children per family will be placed in non-staffed temporary accommodation which will often be B&B units and with many other families in the same building.  The possibility of child physical and sexual abuse becomes a high probability if not an inevitability.

This is Conservative policy and just as distasteful the reduced benefit cap policy that will inevitably lead to child sexual abuse is supported by the Labour Party.  Politicians and the sensationalist media of the Daily Mail type will say the lazy single parents should get off their backsides and get a job and they only have to work 16 hours at the national minimum wage to receive working tax credit which will exempt them from the benefit cap and make them worthwhile citizens with higher self-esteem, blah, blah, blah.

Yet many are unable to work or not expected to work and so cannot work whether through illness or disability or because they have a new born baby.

The average benefit cap cut will see families having to find £75 per week on average out of their welfare benefit – the minimum amount the law says you need to live on – just to pay the cheapest social housing rent and they will not be able to do that and will be evicted and then placed in dangerous unsuitable temporary accommodation such as the dingy B&B I describe.

That in itself is abuse and not just abusive.  It is financial abuse and it is children who are being abused too not just the parent(s) with this average £75.71 per week deduction.

The benefit cap makes no provision for those unable or not expected to take up employment and is a crude blunt instrument.

The lone parent with 4 children in Liverpool will get just £25 per week towards their typical £95 per week rent and have to find the other £70 from subsistence level social security welfare benefits.  The same in Bracknell will have to find £125 per week as their social housing 3 bed property is £150 or so per week.

Wherever they live the single parent mum with 4 kids could have come about because sole wage earning hubby has just run away with his secretary or been run over by a bus.  The benefit system and the benefit cap hold no morality clauses or exceptions for whoever the general public think is deserving or not for handouts as the Daily Mail would say to deliberately obfuscate the policy of the benefit cap.

The benefit cap is de facto financial abuse that will almost certainly lead to physical and sexual abuse of children who will inevitably be placed in unsuitable and dangerous emergency provision as I describe above.

I will end with the staggering view of Frank Field MP the former head of the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) and who is the elected chair of the Welfare and Pensions Committee the body set up in Parliament to scrutinise all social welfare policy.  He said on the BBC Daily Politics programme to weeks ago that he is “really happy” with the benefit cap.

What planet is this ignorant buffoon on?

The horrors I describe above are not hyperbole or scaremongering as to the numbers of children who will be made homeless or to the crudeness of the blunt benefit cap are to who it does NOT exempt and most certainly not scaremongering as to the inevitable financial, physical and sexual abuse of vulnerable children.

Frank Field is ‘really happy’ with all of this as are all the Conservative and Labour MPs who all support the reduced benefit cap policy for which the sexual abuse of children is an inevitable consequence.

obc-greater than 5000 children

Click on the above to see clearly – just a list of towns and cities with over 5000 children made homeless next year as a result of the £384.62 per week benefit cap.  Take away Brighton, Bristol and Cardiff and the rest are all Northern towns and cities and most are low rent areas too!

10 thoughts on “The Benefit Cap is child sexual abuse

  1. Joe, I haven’t seen you mention what for me is the “real” cost of becoming homeless: I’ve lived in a hostel for the homeless myself, and the “big issue” was having to give away £1,000 worth of fridge, cooker and washing machine because I had nowhere to store them. A homeless family wouldn’t be able to move into a new home without getting hold of replacements for these appliances. Can you include this in the cost of your calculations?

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