RTB on front pages – So what!!

UK Housing once again wets its knickers before getting them in the usual twist…and…probably….I will get the usual why are you being so negative comments from within UK Housing for stating the bloody obvious!

I am talking about the fact of 40% or so of former RTB properties costing the UK a fortune in HB as they are now in private landlord hands being front page news in the national newspapers and the deluded euphoria this creates within social housing professionals.

so what

So What!  Miles Davis above aptly springs to mind and that link is no all that jazz which UK Housing once again puts on this issue.

Has government changed its mind on RTB? No!  Has housing a hope in hell’s chance that government will relent on the right to buy for housing association tenants? No!

So RTB is on the front page of the Independent and my answer is ..so what!  Or more accurately so f*****g what!

It means nothing, diddley squat, nil, zip, nada, zilch, absolutely bugger all apart from an understandable bit of kudos for Inside Housing’s research which they are entitled to shout about.

ih so what - impact

As usual housing people exaggerate to deluded levels.  I have no issue with IH saying hey we did a good job which they did but IMPACT?  What impact?

Regrettably this epitomises housing people and includes the same poor deluded souls who similarly got deluded over the Homes for Britain rally proclaiming back in March that housing is on the agenda and the government are seriously considering our arguments and saw a £750,000 outlay and copious amounts of congratulatory imbibing and backslapping….only for less than 24 hours later seeing Osborne announce the right to buy for HA tenants!!

Another variant is housing people saying its just that we can’t get our message across – yet when you ask the same people what messages they are referring to you are met with…er..cough…splutter…er…cough…oh you know…. and all non housing people are left none the wiser!

A common factor with all variants is there – hey let’s dress this up with nice graphics or the latest bit of software and hopefully everyone will think Marshall Mcluhan was right – though its more of ….casual viewing, head buried in the sand (Oh shit I’ve mentioned Genesis, I’m definitely excommunicated by housing people now!)

When will housing people finally seek medical advice to extract their craniums out of their rectums when it comes to any form of promoting the many huge benefits that the social housing model gives?  Excuse me reader that’s a rhetorical question, don’t hold your breath!

If you’ve read this and feeling Kind of Blue then click here – enjoy!


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